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Development of a particle nanoimprinting technique by core-shell particles.
We developed a particle nanoimprinting technique assisted by the array of core-shell particles. Core-shell particles composed of a solid core of polystyrene and a soft shell were prepared byExpand
Adrenergic nerve endings in the peripheral autonomic ganglion
Mittels elektronenmikroskopischer Untersuchungen wird die Anwesenheit adrenergischer Nervenendigungen im Ganglion hypogastricum des Meerschweinchens bewiesen.
Steroid-induced concentric membrane whorls in dog liver
When daily doses of 10 mg/kg of the androgenic steroids fluoxymesterone, methyltestosterone, testosterone propionate, oxymetholone and mepitiostane were administered to adult male and female beagleExpand
An investigation of the interaction between isoniazid and the contraceptive steroid norethindrone in vivo
Isonicotinic acid hydrazide (isoniazid) was shown to react readily with 17α-ethinyl-17β-hydroxyestr-4-en-3-one (norethindrone) to form the isonicotinyl hydrazone of the steroid under conditionsExpand
Synthesis of (-)-Erinacine E
The pharmacological action of pronase-digested egg albumin upon cerebral hypoxia
SummaryThe purification of a substance which protects mitochondrial activity against its decay in association with various cerebral pathologies, and the effect of this substancein vitro andin vivoExpand