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Highly conductive and pure gold nanostructures grown by electron beam induced deposition
This work introduces an additive direct-write nanofabrication technique for producing extremely conductive gold nanostructures from a commercial metalorganic precursor by using water as an oxidative enhancer during direct- write deposition. Expand
Free-Standing Magnetic Nanopillars for 3D Nanomagnet Logic
Introducing vertical out-of-plane nanopillars not only increases the packing density of 3D NML but also introduces an extra magnetic degree of freedom, offering a new approach to input/output and processing functionalities in nanomagnetic computing. Expand
Custom design of optical-grade thin films of silicon oxide by direct-write electron-beam-induced deposition
This work describes a rapid fabrication approach of thin silicon oxide films on confined areas by electron-beam-induced deposition. This maskless direct-write process utilizes a localized chemicalExpand
Focused ion beam induced surface amorphization and sputter processes
Focused ion beam techniques are among the most important tools for the nanostructuring of surfaces. As the physical phenomena during milling are not fully understood yet, we have applied the phaseExpand
Compositional and electrical properties of zirconium dioxide thin films chemically deposited on silicon
High-k ZrO2 thin films are grown on p-type silicon by metal–organic chemical vapor deposition based on zirconiumtetrakistrifluoroacetylacetonate as single-source precursor system. Annealing of theExpand
Focused-ion-beam-inflicted surface amorphization and gallium implantation--new insights and removal by focused-electron-beam-induced etching.
It is shown that Cl(2)-FEBIE is capable of removing FIB-induced amorphization and gallium ion implantation after processing of surfaces with a focused ion beam, and TEM analysis proves that the method Cl( 2)-FE BIE is non-destructive and therefore retains crystallinity. Expand
Crystallinity-retaining removal of germanium by direct-write focused electron beam induced etching
In this work, a well-controllable, direct-write, resistless, and crystallinity-retaining etching process for germanium using a focused electron beam with nanometer resolution has been developed. ThisExpand
Synthesis of individually tuned nanomagnets for Nanomagnet Logic by direct write focused electron beam induced deposition.
The single-step synthesis of NML key elements by focused electron beam induced deposition (FEBID) using iron pentacarbonyl as a gas precursor is reported, and the unique design obtained by direct-writing reduces the error probability and may merge several NWs in future NML elements. Expand
Direct-write deposition and focused-electron-beam-induced purification of gold nanostructures.
The in situ focused-electron-beam-induced curing mechanism was supported by postdeposition ex situ curing and, in combination with oxygen plasma cleaning, is utilized as a straightforward purification method for planar FEBID structures. Expand
Direct-write deposition with a focused electron beam
The fabrication of nanostructured dielectrics of high purity produced by electron beam induced deposition (EBID) was investigated. Additionally, the process parameters were optimized towards highExpand