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Exogenous Application of Amino Acids Improves the Growth and Yield of Lettuce by Enhancing Photosynthetic Assimilation and Nutrient Availability
Results show that plant growth significantly improved by applying L-methionine at the lowest concentrations of 0.2 mg/L and 0.02mg/L, which can, therefore, improve hydroponic production of lettuce and, accordingly, human nutrition. Expand
A pan-latitudinal Rodinia in the Tonian true polar wander frame
Abstract A new paleomagnetic and geochronological study was conducted on the Tonian Chengjiāng Formation from Yunnan Province, South China, to examine the recent reported true polar wander eventExpand
Capture and Release of Singlet Oxygen in Coordination-Driven Self-Assembled Organoplatinum(II) Metallacycles.
A [6+6] organoplatinum(II) metallacycle is presented by using ~180° dipyridylanthracene donor and ~120° Pt( II) acceptor as the building blocks, which enables the capture and release of singlet oxygen with relatively high photooxygenation and thermolysis rate constants. Expand
Introducing Seven Transition Metal Ions into Terpyridine-Based Supramolecules: Self-Assembly and Dynamic Ligand Exchange Study.
A fundamental study significantly broaden the spectrum of metal ions with seven divalent transition metal ions M(II) (M=Mn, Fe, Co, Ni, Cu, Zn, Cd) to assemble a series of supramolecular fractals and reveals the inertness of coordination in solution depending on the metal ions. Expand
Thermo-chemical properties of aqueous solution containing ionic liquids: 1. The heat of reaction mixed 1-methyl-3-butylimidazolium chloride with InCl3
The ionic liquid BMIInCl 4 was prepared by mixing 1-methyl-3-butylimidazolium chloride (BMIC) with InCl 3 . The molar solution enthalpies of BMIC and BMIInCl 4 at various molalities were determinedExpand
The Covalent and Coordination Co-Driven Assembly of Supramolecular Octahedral Cages with Controllable Degree of Distortion.
This work proposes an assembly strategy based on the synergistic effect of coordination and covalent interactions to construct a set of octahedral supramolecular cages and adjust their degree of distortion, offering a powerful strategy to construct novel distorted cage structures as well as control thedegree of distortion of supramolescular geometries. Expand
Hexafluoroisopropanol-alkanol based high-density supramolecular solvents: Fabrication, characterization and application potential as restricted access extractants.
The novel hexafluoroisopropanol-alkanol supramolecular solvents have promising potential as restricted access extractants. Expand
How parameter specification of an Earth system model of intermediate complexity influences its climate simulations
AbstractEarth system models (ESMs) consist of parameterization schemes based on one’s perception of how the Earth system functions. A typical ESM contains a large number of parameters (i.e., theExpand
Temperature- and Mechanical-Force-Responsive Self-Assembled Rhomboidal Metallacycle
The dianthracene-based rhomboidal organoplatinum(II) metallacycle 1 was successfully obtained via coordination-driven self-assembly involving the combination of diplatinum(II) acceptor 2 and dipyri...
Climatic Variabilities Control the Solute Dynamics of Monsoon Karstic River: Approaches from C-Q Relationship, Isotopes, and Model Analysis in the Liujiang River
The dynamics of riverine solutes’ contents and sources reflect geological, ecological, and climatic information of the draining basin. This study investigated the influence of climatic variability onExpand