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Generation of isolated attosecond pulses with 20 to 28 femtosecond lasers.
Isolated attosecond pulses are powerful tools for exploring electron dynamics in matter. So far, such extreme ultraviolet pulses have only been generated using high power, few-cycle lasers, which areExpand
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Attosecond time-resolved autoionization of argon.
Autoionization of argon atoms was studied experimentally by transient absorption spectroscopy with isolated attosecond pulses. The peak position, intensity, linewidth, and shape of the 3s3p⁶np ¹PExpand
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Determining Phase-Energy Coupling Coefficient in Carrier-envelope Phase Measurements
By using two f-to-2f interferometers, we measured the phase-energy coupling coefficient for the first time. The results reveal that a 1% in-loop laser energy change causes a 160 mrad carrier-envelopeExpand
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Subcycle ac stark shift of helium excited states probed with isolated attosecond pulses.
Recent advances in attosecond science have relied upon the nearly instantaneous response of free electrons to an external field. However, it is still not clear whether bound electrons are able toExpand
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Extreme ultraviolet supercontinua supporting pulse durations of less than one atomic unit of time.
Double optical gating of high-harmonic generation was used to obtain supercontinuous spectra in the extreme UV (XUV) region including the water window. The spectra supported a 16 as pulse durationExpand
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Delay control in attosecond pump-probe experiments.
The time delay between the pump and probe pulses in attosecond time-resolved experiments, such as attosecond streaking, is commonly introduced by splitting and recombining the two pulses in anExpand
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Coupling between energy and phase in hollow-core fiber based f-to-2f interferometers.
The dependence of the carrier-envelope (CE) phase of the pulses from a hollow-core fiber on the input laser energy was studied using two f-to- 2f interferometers. The CE phase in the in-loop f-to-2fExpand
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Kinetic theory of plasma sheaths surrounding electron-emitting surfaces.
A one-dimensional kinetic theory of sheaths surrounding planar, electron-emitting surfaces is presented which accounts for plasma electrons lost to the surface and the temperature of the emittedExpand
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Optimal economic operation of isolated community microgrid incorporating temperature controlling devices
An economic operation model of isolated community microgrid based on the temperature regulation characteristics of temperature controlling devices composed of wind turbine, micro-gas turbine, energy storage battery and heat pump is proposed. Expand
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Rapid dendritic growth and solute trapping within undercooled ternary Ni-5%Cu-5%Mo alloy
The dendritic growth velocity of α-Ni phase was measured as a function of undercooling in the nonequilibrium solidification process of an undercooled ternary Ni-5%Cu-5%Mo alloy. At the experimentalExpand
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