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Image reconstruction technique of electrical capacitance tomography for low-contrast dielectrics using Calderon's method
Calderon's method was introduced to electrical capacitance tomography in this paper. It is a direct algorithm of the image reconstruction for low-contrast dielectrics, as no matrix inversion orExpand
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Online monitoring of oil film using electrical capacitance tomography and level set method.
A distance regularized level set evolution formulation is extended to image two-phase flow online using an ECT system, a narrowband image filter is defined to eliminate the influence of artifacts, and considering the continuity of the oil distribution variation, the detected oil-air interface of a former image can be used as the initial contour for the detection of the subsequent frame, making it possible for real time tracking. Expand
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A high-performance digital system for electrical capacitance tomography
This paper describes a recently developed digital-based data acquisition system for electrical capacitance tomography (ECT). Expand
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Ultra low noise Q-band monolithic amplifiers using InP- and GaAs-based 0.1 /spl mu/m HEMT technologies
  • M. Aust, T. Huang, +5 authors C. Yang
  • Materials Science
  • IEEE Microwave and Millimeter-Wave Monolithic…
  • 17 June 1996
Design and development of ultra low noise MMIC Q-band LNAs using both InP- and GaAs-based 0.1 /spl mu/m HEMT technologies with state-of-the-art noise figures are reported in this paper. ForExpand
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A calculable sensor for electrical impedance tomography
A calculable sensor has been developed for electrical impedance tomography. An analytical model of the sensor is established, in order to show the calculable property of the sensor. The sensorExpand
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Fast reconstruction of electrical resistance tomography (ERT) images based on the projected CG method
Abstract Electrical resistance tomography (ERT) is considered to be one of the most promising process tomography techniques for multi-phase flow measurement due to the advantages such as high speed,Expand
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Maximum entropy regularization method for electrical impedance tomography combined with a normalized sensitivity map
Abstract Electrical impedance tomography (EIT) aims to estimate the electrical properties at the interior of an object from current–voltage measurements on its boundary. To overcome ill-posedness,Expand
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Linearized solution to electrical impedance tomography based on the Schur conjugate gradient method
Electrical impedance tomography (EIT) is a technique for reconstructing the conductivity distribution of an inhomogeneous medium, usually by injecting a current at the periphery of an object andExpand
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Optimum design of segmented capacitance sensing array for multi-phase interface measurement
A novel sensor - a segmented capacitance sensing array - has been developed for a multi-phase interface measurement system. To find the optimum structure parameters of the sensor, a simulation basedExpand
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Lung ventilation functional monitoring based on electrical impedance tomography
Medically, electrical impedance tomography (EIT) is a relatively inexpensive, safe, non-invasive and portable technique compared with computerized tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imagingExpand
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