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White matter damage of patients with Alzheimer’s disease correlated with the decreased cognitive function
Increasing evidence demonstrates that there is marked damage and dysfunction in the white matter in Alzheimer’s disease (AD). The present study investigates the nature of white matter damage ofExpand
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Development of a multiplex MethyLight assay for the detection of multigene methylation in human colorectal cancer.
In peripheral blood, cell-free methylated DNA has been reported to be a useful biomarker of noninvasive blood screening for the detection of colorectal cancer (CRC), including the genes ALX homeoboxExpand
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Anticancer effects of crocetin in human esophageal squamous cell carcinoma KYSE-150 cells
Crocetin is the main pharmacologically-active component of saffron and has been considered as a promising candidate for cancer chemoprevention. The purpose of the present study was to investigate theExpand
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Cervicomedullary compression in young patients with achondroplasia: value of comprehensive neurologic and respiratory evaluation.
We studied prospectively 26 young patients with achondroplasia to test two hypotheses: that respiratory problems may be the result of occult spinal cord compression, and that achondroplastic patientsExpand
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Cavernous hemangiomas in the cavernous sinus. Case reports.
BACKGROUND Extra-axial cavernous hemangiomas are rare and have a propensity to develop within the cavernous sinus. Total removal of these vascular tumors is difficult due to the risk of severeExpand
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Synergistic anticancer effect of combined crocetin and cisplatin on KYSE-150 cells via p53/p21 pathway
BackgroundMore than 400,000 patients die from esophageal cancer annually. Considerable efforts have been made to develop new and effective treatments, one of which is directed toward herbalExpand
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Craniocervical decompression for cervicomedullary compression in pediatric patients with achondroplasia.
The congenital osseous abnormalities associated with achondroplasia include stenosis of the foramen magnum and the upper cervical spinal canal. In the pediatric achondroplastic patient, such stenosisExpand
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Pediatric patients with achondroplasia: CT evaluation of the craniocervical junction.
Twenty-six patients (4 months to 6 years old) with achondroplasia complicated by sleep apnea and/or other neurologic manifestations underwent plain computed tomography (CT) of the craniocervicalExpand
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Computed tomography of dural sinus thrombosis.
The four patients presented here demonstrate the value of contrast enhanced CT in the diagnosis and serial evaluation of dural sinus thrombosis. Two patients were young women using oralExpand
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EFEMP1 expression promotes angiogenesis and accelerates the growth of cervical cancer in vivo.
OBJECTIVE The study was to investigate the role of EFEMP1 in angiogenesis and growth of cervical carcinoma in vivo. METHODS Effects of EFEMP1 on proliferation of Hela cells and HUVECs, invasion ofExpand
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