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Applying agent-based modeling to the evolution of eco-industrial systems
In this paper, agent-based modeling is applied to eco-industrial systems to gain new insights into their behavior. Expand
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3D reconstruction and analysis of wing deformation in free-flying dragonflies
We propose a template-based subdivision surface reconstruction method that is capable of reconstructing the wing deformations and kinematics of free-flying insects based on the output of a high-speed camera system. Expand
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Repellent and attractive effects of herbs on insects in pear orchards intercropped with aromatic plants
There is increasing interest in the use of vegetation such as aromatic plants as intercrops to biologically control insect pests in agroecosystems and orchard ecosystems. Understanding the mechanismsExpand
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Multi-agent application of substation protection coordination with distributed generators
This paper presents new explorations into the use of agent technology applied to substation protection coordination of power systems. The impact of distributed generators on protection coordinationExpand
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Consistency problem with tracer advection in the Atmospheric Model GAMIL
The radon transport test, which is a widely used test case for atmospheric transport models, is carried out to evaluate the tracer advection schemes in the Grid-Point Atmospheric Model of IAP-LASGExpand
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An Integrated Analysis of a Dragonfly in Free Flight
There were few literatures on the discussion of the wing flexion and associated aerodynamic performance of dragonfly wings in dragonfly free flights, which are potential candidates for developingExpand
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In this paper, a new transmission model of human malaria in a partially immune population is formulated. We establish the basic reproduction number $\tilde{R}_0$ for the model. The existence and Expand
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FLORA-2: User's Manual Version 0.95 (Androcymbium)
code Coder (flrcoder.P)
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What are the effects of aromatic plants and meteorological factors on Pseudococcus comstocki and its predators in pear orchards?
The interactions of major pests with their natural enemies in the environment of intercropped orchards have recently received much attention. In this study, eight aromatic plant species, namelyExpand
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Short‐term time step convergence in a climate model
Abstract This paper evaluates the numerical convergence of very short (1 h) simulations carried out with a spectral‐element (SE) configuration of the Community Atmosphere Model version 5 (CAM5).Expand
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