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Effect of biochar amendment on yield and photosynthesis of peanut on two types of soils
It is suggested that application of peanut shell derived biochar has strong potential to improve peanut yield on red ferrosol and redoxi-hydrosol, and the effect varied with soil type. Expand
Effects of biochar application on soil greenhouse gas fluxes: a meta‐analysis
Biochar application to soils may increase carbon (C) sequestration due to the inputs of recalcitrant organic C. However, the effects of biochar application on the soil greenhouse gas (GHG) fluxesExpand
Effects of biochar on soil available inorganic nitrogen: A review and meta-analysis
The interaction between biochar and soil changes nitrogen (N) dynamics in different ecosystems. Although multiple studies have reported influences of biochar on soil inorganic N (SIN) includingExpand
Yield and quality of both cultivars may benefit from increasing pollen transfer in the orchard and the improved initial nut set by supplementary cross pollination showed that insect pollination is inecient compared to hand pollination. Expand
Insect flower visitors, foraging behaviour and their effectiveness as pollinators of Persoonia virgata R. Br. (Proteaceae)
No significant difference in fruit set was found between control flowers and cross-pollinated flowers, indicating that flower visitors of P. virgata were efficient vectors of cross-pollen from plant to plant. Expand
Clonality and sexual reproductive failure in remnant populations of Santalum lanceolatum (Santalaceae)
Clonality, genetic isolation and sexual reproductive failure indicate that preservation of each population, and possibly the establishment of new ones, should be objectives of the conservation strategy for the S. lanceolatum remnants. Expand
Cerumen of Australian stingless bees (Tetragonula carbonaria): gas chromatography-mass spectrometry fingerprints and potential anti-inflammatory properties
The chemical and biological properties of polar extracts of cerumen from Tetragonula carbonaria in South East Queensland, Australia were investigated using gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS) analyses and in vitro 5-lipoxygenase (5-LOX) cell-free assays and warrant further investigation. Expand
Soil and foliar nutrient and nitrogen isotope composition (δ15N) at 5 years after poultry litter and green waste biochar amendment in a macadamia orchard
The poultry litter biochar significantly increased soil fertility compared to the green waste biochar at 5 years following biochar application which makes the poultry litter a better feedstock to produce biochar compared to green waste for the tree crops. Expand
Pollination and resource constraints on fruit set and fruit size of Persoonia rigida (Proteaceae)
Despite the high levels of natural fruit set, both pollen supply and resource availability were indicated as potential constraints on accumulation of fruit dry matter in P. rigida, finding that fruit size was highly sensitive to carbohydrate availability. Expand
Peanut shell biochar improves soil properties and peanut kernel quality on a red Ferrosol
PurposeBiochar has excellent potential to improve crop yield and quality, but its effects vary depending on soil type and agronomic inputs (e.g., irrigation and fertiliser). In this study, weExpand