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Induced Radioactivity
CURIE and Joliot1 and Ellis and Henderson2 have observed that positrons were emitted when aluminium, magnesium and boron were bombarded with high energy α-particles. They noted, further, that theExpand
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Induced Radioactivity and Transmutation
WITH reference to Fermi's work1 on the bombardment of elements with neutrons and the production of β-rays, we suggest that the bombardment produces unstable and missing isotopes containingExpand
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Radioactivity of Potassium
FERMI failed to detect induced β-radioactivity with calcium bombarded by neutrons, and this fact has been attributed1 to the existence of a closed neutron shell in the calcium nucleus. We suggestExpand
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Positive and Negative Ions in the Primary Cosmic Radiation
THE observed east-west asymmetry of the cosmic radiation, and its increase with increasing altitude, has been interpreted in terms of an unbalanced primary radiation which is positively charged. ItExpand
19K43 and the Radioactivity of Potassium
IT has recently been suggested by Newman and Walke1 and Klemperer2 that the natural β-radioactivity of potassium is due to an isotope 19K40 present in very small abundance. Sitte3, however, has comeExpand
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Induced Positron Radioactivity
RADIOACTIVITY induced by proton, diplon, neutron and α-particle bombardment can be explained on the hypothesis that the nuclear structure of stable isotopes consists of α-particles, neutrons andExpand
Induced Radioactivity
WHEN elements are bombarded with neutrons, we suggest that three types of reaction are possible, namely, simple neutron capture, disintegration with proton emission and disintegration with α-particleExpand
Absorption of Cosmic Rays
THE Klein-Nishina formula, which is based on the scattering and absorption of X- and γ-radiation by extra-nuclear electrons, has been widely used in the calculation of the absorption coefficients ofExpand
Cosmic Radiation and Stellar Evolution
IN connexion with the recent hypotheses1 that some of the components of the cosmic rays are ions, it may be noted that the emission of high speed ions from stars would reduce their mass by the sameExpand