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The Scientific Base Linking Social and Emotional Learning to School Success
Schools will be most successful in their educational mission when they integrate efforts to promote children’s academic, social, and emotional learning (Elias et al., 1997). There is general
Building academic success on social and emotional learning: What does the research say?
In this book, nationally recognized interdisciplinary leaders examine the relationships between social-emotional education and school success - specifically focusing on interventions that enhance
Toward a Knowledge Base for School Learning
The purpose of this article is to identify and estimate the influence of educational, psychological, and social factors on learning. Using evidence accumulated from 61 research experts, 91
Instructional Effects of Cues, Participation, and Corrective Feedback: A Quantitative Synthesis
To estimate the instructional effects of cues, participation, and corrective feedback on learning, 94 effect sizes were calculated from statistical data in 54 studies containing a combined sample of