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Further Studies of the Phloem Loading Process in Leaves of Barley and Spinach. The Comparison of Metabolite Concentrations in the Apoplastic Compartment with those in the Cytosolic Compartment and in
The concentrations of sucrose, amino acids, nitrate and malate in the apoplastic compartment of illuminated leaves of barley and spinach were determined and compared with the correspondingExpand
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Simultaneous synthesis and degradation of starch in spinach chloroplasts in the light
Abstract The rates of starch breakdown in isolated starch-loaded spinach chloroplasts have been measured in the dark and light at a range of phosphate concentrations, and compared with the rates ofExpand
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Energized Uptake of Sugars from the Apoplast of Leaves: A Study of Some Plants Possessing Different Minor Vein Anatomy
Solutions of sucrose, glucose, raffinose, and stachyose were fed via the petiole to detached leaves of plant species known to transfer sugars during photosynthesis into the phloem using either theExpand
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RedoxTransfer acrosstheInner Chloroplast Envelope Membrane1
Inleaves ofspinach plants (Spinacia oleracea L.)grownin ambient CO2thesubcellular contents ofadenylates, pyridine nucleotides, 3-phosphoglycerate, dihydroxyacetone phosphate, malate, glutamate,Expand