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The nature of the metabolites of acetohexamide in the rat and in the human.
Evidence is presented which indicates that the hydroxyhexamide which Welles et a1. (1961) have shown to be the major metabolite of acetohexamide in humans has the L-configuration. Expand
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Disposition and tissue levels of [3H]vindesine in rats.
The excretion, blood levels, and tissue distribution of [3H]vindesine have been studied in the rat. After an i.v. administration of 500 microgram/kg. [3H]vindesine was found to be distributed veryExpand
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The fate of radiocarbon-labeled propoxyphene in rat, dog, and human.
Abstract Propoxyphene N -demethylation is the primary initial metabolic step in the rat. Ester hydrolysis also occurs. A large number of metabolic end products of propoxyphene are formed. They areExpand
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Reductase for aromatic aldehydes and ketones. The partial purification and properties of a reduced triphosphopyridine nucleotide-dependent reductase from rabbit kidney cortex.
Abstract The partial purification of the enzyme, aromatic aldehyde-ketone reductase (aromatic A-K reductase), from rabbit kidney cortex is described. Aromatic A-K reductase utilizes TPNH but not DPNHExpand
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The metabolism of alpha-dl-acetylmethadol in the rat: the identification of the probable active metabolite.
The major route by which α- dl -acetylmethadol and α- dl -noracetylmethadol are metabolized is by enzymatic N-demethylation. The in vivo rate of removal of the first methyl group is roughly threeExpand
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Abstract Nortriptyline, labeled with radiocarbon in the N-methyl group, has been prepared and its metabolism, distribution, and excretion studied in the rat. About 25% of an administered doseExpand
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Antitumor activity of deacetyl vinblastine amide sulfate (vindesine) in rodents and mitotic accumulation studies in culture.
Abstract Vindesine (VDS; deacetyl vinblastine amide sulfate) given i.p. daily completely inhibited the growth of both the Ridgeway osteogenic sarcoma at 0.4 mg/kg and the Gardner lymphosarcoma atExpand
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