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Caco-2 permeability, P-glycoprotein transport ratios and brain penetration of heterocyclic drugs.
It is concluded that Pgp efflux ratio's as determined in in vitro High Throughput Screening (HTS) tests, where the transport conditions are fixed, cannot routinely be used to predict a possible limited brain penetration.
Stress relaxation of compacts produced from viscoelastic materials
Stress relaxation of tablets is a phenomenon that is known to be related to elastic deformation of particles. Expressions of stress relaxation are tablet expansion and capping. It has been shown that
Relationship between inhomogeneity phenomena and granule growth mechanisms in a high-shear mixer.
It was concluded that granulation with the largest particles resulted in breakage behavior of the granulate, thereby preventing demixing, and it was argued that once granules survive, preferential growth of the small estradiol particles in favor of the larger lactose particles causes the demixed.
Densification properties and compactibility of mixtures of pharmaceutical excipients with and without magnesium stearate
Mixtures of a plastically deforming substance and a brittle one often lead to a positive interaction in the compactibility. It was observed that a deviation in the tablet strength from the linear
Physicochemical Properties and Transport of Steroids Across Caco-2 Cells
The relationship with ClogP suggests that partitioning of steroids between the biologic membrane and the surrounding aqueous phase is one of the main mechanisms for absorption.
Milling of agglomerates in an impact mill.
It has been found that both the size of the particles before granulation and the amount of binder used determine the breakage behavior of agglomerates, and it is not possible to achieve a large degree of size reduction without intensive fines formation.
Quantitative Image Analysis for Evaluating the Coating Thickness and Pore Distribution in Coated Small Particles
A characterization method for coating structure based on image analysis, which is particularly promising for the rational design of coated particles in the pharmaceutical industry, can be used as a fast and effective tool to predict coating functionality.
In vitro release properties of etonogestrel and ethinyl estradiol from a contraceptive vaginal ring.
It can be concluded from this study that polyethylene vinylacetate copolymers exhibit suitable properties to develop a controlled release system with the two steroids etonogestrel and ethinyl estradiol.
Porosity expansion of tablets as a result of bonding and deformation of particulate solids
Abstract This paper describes the tabletting process of y-sorbitol on the basis of the stress-deformation curve. This curve distinguishes between small, elastic deformation and large, viscous
Growth mechanisms of high-shear pelletisation
Two high-shear mixers, Gral 10 and Gral 25, were used to prepare pellets of microcrystalline cellulose and lactose, using water as binder liquid. Growth of pellets was investigated by measuring the