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Electronic properties of kekulene
The fluorescence and phosphorescence of kekulene in a host matrix of polycrystalline tetrachlorobenzene are investigated, together with the triplet zero field splitting parameters |D| and |E|
Zur Konjugation in makrocyclischen Bindungssystemen [1]
A simple formula (14) has been derived for the calculation of the perturbed first order orbitals, which is applicable to systems with degenerate unperturbed eigenvalues. With formula (14) it is
The conjugated circuits model
Several annelated [n]annulenes are examined from a graph-theoretical point of view. It is shown how a new interpretation of the conjugated circuit model can be used in order to study the geometries
Structures and 1H‐chemical shifts of conjugation deficient hydrocarbons
The geometrical and electronic structures and the 1H-chemical shifts of some conjugation deficient hydrocarbons and their benzenoid isomers 1–3 which consist of two concentric perimeters have been