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The problem of language and thought in schizophrenia: A review
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Psychodynamic Factors and Drug Addiction: Some Theoretical and Research Perspectives
The two major theoretical approaches to nonmedical drug use have been identified as the disturbed personality and sociocultural views. The present paper provides a review of psychodynamicExpand
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The language of the psychopath.
The language of the psychopathic personality is described along with a review of the literature and various psycholinguistic examples of its importance for theory and research. Recommendations areExpand
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Perspectives on Terrorism
Perspectives on Terrorism (PoT) is a joint publication of the Terrorism Research Initiative (TRI), headquartered in Vienna, Austria, and the Institute of Security and Global Affairs (ISGA) of LeidenExpand
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Theoretical approaches to personality
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Criminology and Crime: An Introduction
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Theories of language acquisition
Prior to the advent of generative grammar, theoretical approaches to language development relied heavily upon the concepts ofdifferential reinforcement andimitation. Current studies of linguisticExpand
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Language behavior in schizophrenia
One of the major difficulties confronting any attempt to analyze the behavioral phenomena that characterize schizophrenia is the problem of dealing with such a broad range of complex behaviors asExpand
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Language behavior and psychopathology
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