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Evaluation of the selective respiratory inhibition method for measuring the ratio of fungal:bacterial activity in acid agricultural soils
  • H. Velvis
  • Biology
  • Biology and Fertility of Soils
  • 30 October 1997
Abstract A procedure for the measurement of the fungal and bacterial contribution to substrate-induced respiration was tested in three arable soils. Glucose and different amounts of cycloheximideExpand
Systemic colonization of potato plants by a soilborne, green fluorescent protein-tagged strain of Dickeya sp. biovar 3.
ABSTRACT Colonization of potato plants by soilborne, green fluorescent protein (GFP)-tagged Dickeya sp. IPO2254 was investigated by selective plating, epifluorescence stereo microscopy (ESM), andExpand
Biological, Chemical and Integrated Control of Rhizoctonia Solani in Potato
ABSTRACT Jager, G., Velvis, H., Lamers, J.G., Mulder, A. and Roosjen, Js., 1990. Biological, chemical and integrated control of Rhizoctonia solani in potato. The effects of biological, chemical andExpand
Impact of transgenic potatoes expressing anti‐bacterial agents on bacterial endophytes is comparable with the effects of plant genotype, soil type and pathogen infection
1. Blackleg and soft rot disease of potatoes Solanum tuberosum L., mainly caused by the bacterial pathogen Erwinia carotovora ssp. atrospetica (Eca), lead to enormous yield losses world-wide.Expand
Structural characteristics and plant-beneficial effects of bacteria colonizing the shoots of field grown conventional and genetically modified T4-lysozyme producing potatoes
Genetically modified potatoes expressing antibacterial protein T4 lysozyme may offer effective control strategies for bacterial pathogens causing severe potato diseases. Apart from this beneficialExpand
Biological control of Rhizoctonia solani on potatoes by antagonists. 1. Preliminary experiments with Verticillium biguttatum, a sclerotium-inhabiting fungus
AbstractA common mycoparasite,Verticillium biguttatum, was found to kill sclerotia ofRhizoctonia solani placed on an inert material (perlite) as well as in soil at 15°C and 20°C, but not at 10°C.Expand
The role of organic matter in the population dynamics of the endoparasitic nematophagous fungus Drechmeria coniospora in microcosms
Addition of organic matter to soil may indirectly enhance nematophagous fungi. The effect of organic amendments on the population dynamics of the endoparasitic nematophagous fungus DrechmeriaExpand
Biological control of Rhizoctonia solani on potatoes by antagonists. 4. Inoculation of seed tubers with Verticillium biguttatum and other antagonists in field experiments
AbstractInoculation of seed potatoes with the mycoparasiteVerticillium biguttatum, isolate M73 (combined withGliocladium roseum in 1981, either alone or mixed with isolate M180 plusExpand
Suppression of Rhizoctonia solani in potato fields. 1. Occurrence
AbstractA search was made forRhizoctonia solani-suppressive soils by establishing many small experimental plots, half of which were planted withRhizoctonia-infected seed potatoes and the other halfExpand
Adhesive knob formation by conidia of the nematophagous fungusDrechmeria coniospora
We studied conidiogenesis and adhesive knob formation (maturation) by newly developed conidia of the nematophagous fungusDrechmeria coniospora. Upon conidiogenesis on infected nematodes or duringExpand