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AToM3: A Tool for Multi-formalism and Meta-modelling
The combined use of multiformalism modelling and meta-modelling is introduced to facilitate computer assisted modelling of complex systems to aid in the automatic generation of multi-formalism modelling tools. Expand
WEST: modelling biological wastewater treatment
WEST is a general modelling and simulation environment and can, together with a model base, be used for this task, and the model base presented here is specific for biological wastewater treatment and is written in MSL-USER. Expand
Meta-modelling and graph grammars for multi-paradigm modelling in AToM3
The combined use of meta-modelling and graph grammars for the generation of visual modelling tools for simulation formalisms and the design and implementation of these concepts in AToM3 are presented. Expand
AToMPM: A Web-based Modeling Environment
This work introduces AToMPM, an open-source framework for designing domain-specific modeling environments, performing model transformations, manipulating and managing models, which is independent from any operating system, platform, or device it may execute on. Expand
A framework for evolution of modelling languages
This paper provides a taxonomy for evolution of modelling languages and discusses the different evolution scenarios for various kinds of modelling artefacts, such as instance models, meta-models, and transformation models. Expand
T-Core: a framework for custom-built model transformation engines
T-Core is proposed, a framework where primitive transformation constructs can be combined to define and encapsulate reusable model transformation idioms and allows the transformation engineer to design transformations with the most appropriate constructs for the task at hand. Expand
An introduction to multi-paradigm modelling and simulation.
Modelling and simulation are becoming increasingly important enablers in the analysis and design of complex systems. To tackle problems of ever increasing complexity, modelling and simulationExpand
Search-Based Model Optimization Using Model Transformations
It is demonstrated that multiple SBO techniques are easily incorporated into Model-Driven Engineering, and how this approach can be applied, how it enables simple switching between different SBO approaches, and integrates domain knowledge, all within the modeling paradigm. Expand
Foundations of Modelling and Simulation of Complex Systems
  • H. Vangheluwe
  • Computer Science
  • Electron. Commun. Eur. Assoc. Softw. Sci. Technol…
  • 13 July 2008
In this paper, the basic concepts of modelling and simulation are introduced and it will be shown how different formalisms all share a common structure and differ in the choice of time base, state space, and description of temporal evolution. Expand
Co-simulation: State of the art
An overview of co-simulation approaches, research challenges, and research opportunities, together with a detailed taxonomy with different aspects of the state of the art of co -simulation and classification for the past five years are provided. Expand