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High Accurate Simple Approximation of Normal Distribution Integral
The integral of the standard normal distribution function is an integral without solution and represents the probability that an aleatory variable normally distributed has values between zero and 𝑥.
A Novel Modeling Methodology for Memristive Systems Using Homotopy Perturbation Methods
A novel modeling methodology for memristive systems using homotopy perturbation methods is introduced, capable of generating a semi-symbolical expression that represents thememristive behavior of the device.
The Phenomenon of Wireless Energy Transfer: Experiments and Philosophy
There is a basic law in thermodynamics, which states that energy may neither be created nor destroyed just can be transformed, and since the origin of the human kind, man has been using nature’s energy in his benefit.
Homotopy method with a formal stop criterion applied to circuit simulation
This work shows a new double bounded polynomial homotopy based on aPolynomial formulation with four solution lines separated by a fixed distance, which allows to establish a stop criterion for the simulation in DC.
A new multi-step technique with differential transform method for analytical solution of some nonlinear variable delay differential equations
An analytical solution of some nonlinear delay differential equations (DDEs) with variable delays that can be combined with any analytical method, other than the DTM, like the homotopy perturbation method.
Approximations for Large Deflection of a Cantilever Beam under a Terminal Follower Force and Nonlinear Pendulum
In theoretical mechanics field, solution methods for nonlinear differential equations are very important because many problems are modelled using such equations. In particular, large deflection of a
Homotopy Path Planning for Terrestrial Robots Using Spherical Algorithm
A numerical algorithm suitable to be implemented in different platforms even with low hardware resources is introduced, not probabilistic and it is easy to implement by any engineer with basic knowledge of numerical methods.
Transforming the canonical piecewise-linear model into a smooth-piecewise representation
The result is a completely differentiable formulation that exhibits interesting properties, like preserving the parameters of the original piecewise-linear model in such a way that they can be directly inherited to the smooth model in order to determine their parameters.
Digital Signal Processing by Virtual Instrumentation of a MEMS Magnetic Field Sensor for Biomedical Applications
A signal processing system with virtual instrumentation of a MEMS sensor to detect magnetic flux density for biomedical applications and the response of the rat respiratory magnetogram displays a similar behavior as the rat electromyogram (EMG).
A general solution for troesch's problem
The homotopy perturbation method (HPM) is employed to obtain an approximate solution for the nonlinear differential equation which describes Troesch’s problem. In contrast to other reported solutions