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Birth and Evolution of Isolated Radio Pulsars
We investigate the birth and evolution of Galactic isolated radio pulsars. We begin by estimating their birth space velocity distribution from proper-motion measurements of Brisken and coworkers. WeExpand
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Improved Distances to Type Ia Supernovae with Two Spectroscopic Subclasses
We study the observables of 158 relatively normal Type Ia supernovae (SNe Ia) by dividing them into two groups in terms of the expansion velocity inferred from the absorption minimum of the Si IIExpand
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The Growth of H II Regions During Reionization
Recently, there has been a great deal of interest in understanding the reionization of hydrogen in the intergalactic medium (IGM). One of the major outstanding questions is how this event proceeds onExpand
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A Detailed Model Grid for Solid Planets from 0.1 through 100 Earth Masses
This article describes a new grid for the mass-radius relation of three-layer exoplanets within the mass range of 0.1-100 M⊕. The three layers are: Fe (-phase of iron), MgSiO3 (including both theExpand
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Theoretical Transmission Spectra during Extrasolar Giant Planet Transits
The recent transit observation of HD 209458 ban extrasolar planet orbiting a Sun-like star¨ con—rmed that it is a gas giant and determined that its orbital inclination is 85i. This inclination makesExpand
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Statistical Probes of Reionization with 21 Centimeter Tomography
We consider the degree to which 21 cm tomography of the high-redshift universe can distinguish different ionization histories. Using a new analytic model for the size distribution of H II regionsExpand
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Ultra-bright Optical Transients are Linked with Type Ic Supernovae
Recent searches by unbiased, wide-field surveys have uncovered a group of extremely luminous optical transients. The initial discoveries of SN 2005ap by the Texas Supernova Search and SCP-06F6 in aExpand
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Inevitability of Plate Tectonics on Super-Earths
The recent discovery of super-Earths (masses ≤ ) has initiated a discussion about conditions for habitable 10 M worlds. Among these is the mode of convection, which influences a planet’s thermalExpand
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The close-in extrasolar giant planets (CEGPs), AU from their parent stars, may have a large (0.05 component of optically re—ected light. We present theoretical optical photometric light curves andExpand
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Learning about Teaching Initial Findings from the Measures of Effective Teaching Project Policy
In fall 2009, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation launched the Measures of Effective Teaching (MET) project to test new approaches to measuring effective teaching. The goal of the MET project is toExpand
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