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Formation and reversion of Streptomycete protoplasts: cultural condition and morphological study.
Combinations of appropriate concentrations of MgCl2 and CaCl2 were significantly effective in the reversion as well as in the stability of protoplasts.
New antibiotics, bleomycin A and B.
Phenotypic change from transformed to normal induced by benzoquinonoid ansamycins accompanies inactivation of p60src in rat kidney cells infected with Rous sarcoma virus
The results suggest that benzoquinonoid ansamycins have no direct effect on src kinase but destroy its intracellular environment, resulting in an irreversible alteration of p60src and loss of catalytic activity.
A plasmid involved in chloramphenicol production in Streptomyces venezuelae: evidence from genetic mapping.
It is concluded that chloramphenicol production is controlled by a plasmid that appeared to be non-transferable in conjugation.
Bestatin, an inhibitor of aminopeptidase B, produced by actinomycetes.
papain, chymotrypsin, elastase, acid protease and thermolysin have been found in culture filtrates of actinomycetes. Recently we found that exopeptidases have a strong effect on mammalian cell
Recent advances in bioactive microbial secondary metabolites.
  • H. Umezawa
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    The Japanese journal of antibiotics
  • 1 December 1977