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5G Communication: An Overview of Vehicle-to-Everything, Drones, and Healthcare Use-Cases
This paper investigates the potential beneficiaries of 5G and identifies the use-cases, where 5G can make an impact, and explores and highlights the problems and deficiencies of current cellular technologies with respect to these use- cases and how 5G will overcome those deficiencies.
Malnutrition amongst Under-Five Years Children in Swat, Pakistan: Prevalence and Risk Factors
The incidence of malnutrition is about the same for both male and female children in under-5 children in Swat, Pakistan and risk factors for malnutrition in the children include lack of education, teenage pregnancy, lack of immunization, and large family size.
Fabrication, characterization and evaluation of bacterial cellulose-based capsule shells for oral drug delivery
Abstract Bacterial cellulose (BC) was investigated for the first time for the preparation of capsule shells for immediate and sustained release of drugs. The prepared capsule shells were
Bio-chaotic Stream Cipher-Based Iris Image Encryption
The paper describes how to generate a key from a biometric string and how to encrypt and decrypt the desired data by using the bio-chaotic function, which gives birth to a new kind of stream cipher named bio- Chaotic stream cipher.
Antimicrobial activities of Aerva javanica and Paeonia emodi plants.
The extracts of Paeonia emodi and Aervajavanica showed significant antibacterial activity but only Salmonella typhi was resistant to Aerva javanica and the antifungal activity of AervaJavanica was very poor but the fractions of PAEonia emod showed sufficient inhibition against fungal strains.
Evaluation of self-medication amongst university students in Abbottabad, Pakistan; prevalence, attitude and causes.
High prevalence of self-medication can be controlled through regulatory authorities, mass education and availability of health facilities, and most of the students trust in allopathic medicines system.
Security Considerations and Recommendations in Computer-Based Testing
This paper will mainly investigate the security considerations associated with CBT and will provide some recommendations for the security of these kinds of tests and propose a palm-based biometric authentication system incorporated with basic authentication system (username/password) in order to check the identity and authenticity of the examinee.
Stochastic geometry based dynamic fractional frequency reuse for OFDMA systems
Fractional Frequency Reuse (FFR) has been acknowledged as an efficient Interference Management (IM) technique, which offers significant capacity enhancement and improves cell edge coverage with low
Applications of bacterial cellulose in food, cosmetics and drug delivery
Bacterial cellulose (BC) is a versatile biopolymer with better material properties, such as purity, high degree of porosity, relative high permeability to liquid and gases, high water-uptake
Advances in biomedical and pharmaceutical applications of functional bacterial cellulose-based nanocomposites.
This review focuses on the application of BC-based composites for microbial control, wound dressing, cardiovascular, ophthalmic, skeletal, and endodontics systems and applications in controlled drug delivery, biosensors/bioanalysis, immobilization of enzymes and cells, stem cell therapy and skin tissue repair.