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Late Quaternary course changes of the Kuroshio Current in the Ryukyu Arc region, northwestern Pacific Ocean
The existence of a land bridge connecting the central-southern Ryukyu Arc to Taiwan during the last glacial stage (oxygen isotope stages 2 to 4) and its postglacial disappearance are demonstrated byExpand
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Spatial and temporal variability of surface water in the Kuroshio source region, Pacific Ocean, over the past 21,000 years: evidence from planktonic foraminifera
Abstract The Kuroshio Current is the major western boundary current of the North Pacific Ocean and has had a large impact on surface water character and climate change in the northwestern PacificExpand
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Late Quarternary paleoceanographic record from the middle Ryukyu Trench slope, northwest Pacific
Abstract A piston core, KT84-14·P1, from the middle Ryukyu Trench slope, contains many paleoceanographic indicators of the past ca. 150,000 years. The age-assignment is based on such criteria as theExpand
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Fluctuations of eolian flux and ocean productivity in the mid-latitude north Pacific during the last 200 kyr
Abstract In order to understand fluctuations in terrestrial and marine environments, a sedimentary core H3571 was investigated from the Hess Rise located in the mid-latitude North Pacific under theExpand
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, a possible nannoplankton indicator of late Quaternary changes in sea-water turbidity at the northwestern margin of the Pacific
Three piston cores from the Ryukyu Trench slope, northwestern margin of the Pacific Ocean, contain nearly continuous paleoceanographic records of the last 320, 165 and 105 kyr. Ages of the cores areExpand
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Early Pleistocene birth of the Okinawa Trough and Ryukyu Island Arc at the northwestern margin of the Pacific: evidence from Late Cenozoic planktonic foraminiferal zonation
Abstract Widespread development of the upper Pleistocene Ryukyu Limestone suggests the occurrence of prototypes of the Okinawa Trough and Ryukyu Island Arc, barkarc-basin and forearc at theExpand
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A plate Luneberg lens with the permittivity distribution controlled by hole density
The Luneberg lens enables easy beam scanning and has the possibility of multibeam forming. Expand
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Seasonal variations in planktonic foraminifera at three sediment traps in the Subarctic, Transition and Subtropical zones of the central North Pacific Ocean
The distribution and flux of planktonic foraminifera in the North Pacific Ocean were studied for a 1 year period beginning in July 1993 using time-series samples collected in three sediment trapsExpand
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A 370-ka paleoceanographic record from the Hess Rise, central North Pacific Ocean, and an indistinct ‘Kuroshio Extension’
Abstract A 5 m long core (NP36) collected from the Hess Rise in the central North Pacific Ocean (34°11.7′N, 179°15.4′E, water depth 2664 m) was analyzed for benthic and planktonic foraminifera. ThisExpand
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