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Water surface measurement in a shallow channel using the transmitted image of a grating
In this work, the measurement of the depth or shape of a shallow water channel using the transmitted image of a grating is discussed. A noncontact approach, using a simple optical system is describedExpand
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Navigation system for a mobile robot with a visual sensor using a fish-eye lens
Various position sensing and navigation systems have been proposed for the autonomous control of mobile robots. Some of these systems have been installed with an omnidirectional visual sensor systemExpand
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Synthesis and Properties of Poly(methacrylate) Bearing a Phosphorylcholine Analogous Group
A novel type of methacrylate bearing a phosphorylcholine analogous group, 2-[3′-(trimethylammonium)propylphosphoryl]ethyl methacrylate (TPM) was synthesized. TPM was polymerized and copolymerizedExpand
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Rough eyes of the northeast-Asian wood white, Leptidea amurensis
SUMMARY The northeast-Asian wood white, Leptidea amurensis (Lepidoptera, Pieridae), belongs to the Dismorphiinae, a subfamily of the family Pieridae. We studied the structure of the compound eye inExpand
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Assisting control for attendant propelled wheelchair based on force velocity relationship
We tested the performance of the assisting controller based on the force velocity relationship using simulation. Expand
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Synthesis and properties of poly(fumaramate) bearing a phosphorylcholine moiety
Novel types of fumaramate bearing a phosphorylcholine group, alkyl-2-[2′-(trimethylammonium)ethyl phosphoryl]ethyl fumaramate [alkyl = isopropyl (IPTPFA) and methyl (MTPFA)] were synthesized. IPTPFAExpand
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Load on Shoulder and Elbow Joints During Autonomous Hand-Cycling
Hand cranking is an alternative method to handrim propulsion for imparting power to a wheelchair. As such it is important that the method does not overload the shoulder or elbow as these joints areExpand
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Path Planning for a Mobile Robot by Integrating Mapped Information
A method of path planning for a mobile robot is proposed by using mapped information. Expand
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