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Early-onset sarcoidosis and CARD15 mutations with constitutive nuclear factor-kappaB activation: common genetic etiology with Blau syndrome.
Findings indicate that the majority of EOS and BS cases share the common genetic etiology of CARD15 mutations that cause constitutive NF-kappaB activation. Expand
[Viral infection].
  • H. Tsutsumi
  • Medicine
  • Nihon rinsho. Japanese journal of clinical…
  • 2002
Human monoclonal antibody preparations, which have now being developed, may overcome the problems inherent in the pooled sera, which include high volume load, difficulty of quality control and adventitious transmission of unknown pathogenic agents. Expand
Type-III interferon, not type-I, is the predominant interferon induced by respiratory viruses in nasal epithelial cells.
Analysis of IFN inductions by respiratory viruses in human nasal epithelial cells suggests that IFN-λ contributes to the main first line defense via RIG-I-dependent pathway against respiratory virus infection in NECs. Expand
A nuclear factor-κB signaling pathway via protein kinase C δ regulates replication of respiratory syncytial virus in polarized normal human nasal epithelial cells
It is found that the replication of RSV and the epithelial cell responses including induction of tight junctions were regulated via a protein kinase C δ/hypoxia-inducible factor-1α/nuclear factor-κβ pathway, and the control of this pathway may be useful in therapy for RSV-induced respiratory pathogenesis. Expand
Detection of enteric viruses in rectal swabs from children with acute gastroenteritis attending the pediatric outpatient clinics in Sapporo, Japan.
The prevalence of each enteric virus in outpatients resembled that previously estimated in hospitalized patients, although the detection rate of rotavirus was slightly low and the contribution of bocavirus appears to be small. Expand
Comparison of an Immunochromatography Test with Multiplex Reverse Transcription-PCR for Rapid Diagnosis of Respiratory Syncytial Virus Infections
ABSTRACT A new commercial rapid 10-min one-step immunochromatography (IC) test, SAS RSV test, was compared to another IC test, Directigen EZ RSV, employing RT-PCR as the “gold standard” for detectingExpand
An evaluation of peripherally inserted central venous catheters for children with cancer requiring long-term venous access
It is concluded that PICC provides reliable long-term intravenous access in children suffering from malignancies with regard to catheter life, reasons for removal, and complications. Expand
CCL8 is a potential molecular candidate for the diagnosis of graft-versus-host disease.
CCL8 is a promising specific serum marker for the early and accurate diagnosis of GVHD, a member of a large chemokine family associated with graft-versus-host disease. Expand
Efficacy, safety and immunogenicity of RIX4414 in Japanese infants during the first two years of life.
RIX4414 was efficacious, well-tolerated and immunogenic in Japanese infants and introduction of vaccination could help in reducing the disease burden. Expand
Respiratory syncytial virus infection of human respiratory epithelial cells enhances inducible nitric oxide synthase gene expression
RSV infection of human respiratory epithelial cells induces the iNOS gene both in vitro and in vivo; this induction may occur rather promptly and involves transcriptional activator IRF‐1 induced by the RSV infection itself. Expand