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An ergosterol peroxide, a natural product that selectively enhances the inhibitory effect of linoleic acid on DNA polymerase beta.
A natural product from a basidiomycete, Ganoderma lucidum, is found that enhances this effect of LA in a special manner and is identified to be an ergosterol peroxide, 5,8-epidioxy-5alpha,8alpha-ergosta-6,22E-dien -3beta-ol by spectroscopic analyses. Expand
4-Hydroxy-17-methylincisterol, an inhibitor of DNA polymerase-alpha activity and the growth of human cancer cells in vitro.
4-hydroxy-17-methylincisterol (HMI) was found to be an inhibitor of mammalian DNA polymerases in vitro and able to prevent the growth of human cancer cell lines originating from patients with leukemia or various solid tumors. Expand
The Oxidation of Lipids in Thin Filmssa
SUMMARY A model system of thin films of lipid supported on dry gelatin plates was used for studying rates of lipoxidation. Variations in the nature of the gelatins used in the supporting surfacesExpand
Method and apparatus for extracting oil from hydrocarbonaceous solid material. [50 torr and 600 to 900/sup 0/F]
A closed self-contained system (method and apparatus) for efficiently extracting oil and other hydrocarbons from oil-bearing hydrocarbonaceous solid material is described. The material, which may beExpand