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The effect of cultivar maturity on the resistance of potatoes to early blight caused byAlternaria solani
The results suggest that it may be difficult to select cultivars which are both early-maturing, and resistant to early blight, and that seleccionar cultivares that sean tanto precoces como resistentes al tizón temprano is difficult. Expand
Tropical Plant Diseases
Evaluation of six insect pests for transmission of potato spindle tuber viroid
Six insect pests of potato, green peach aphid,Myzus persicae (Sulzer), and saltahojas of the papa, were tested for their ability to transmit potato spindle tuber viroid (PSTV), suggesting that the insect species studied are relatively insignificant as vectors of PSTV. Expand
Gibberellin A4 production by Sphaceloma manihoticola, causal agent of cassava superelongation disease.
Because pathogen is capable of producing a GA in vitro that causes of its high potential productivity in secondary symptoms in the absence of the pathogen, cassava is being seriously considered as activity resembling that of GA's in extracts from several species of a carbohydrate source for ethanol production for fuel. Expand
Bacterial wilt of potatoes in Colombia
  • H. Thurston
  • Biology
  • American Potato Journal
  • 1 November 1963
Colombian isolates of the Pseudomonas solanacearum organism differ from those described in other regions with respect to reaction to antibiotics and other therapeutic materials, optimum temperature for growthin vitro and ability to cause disease at low temperatures. Expand
Resistance to potato virus Y inSolanum tuberosum spp.andigena
Mechanical inoculation at the seedling stage proved to be a reliable means of transmission and resulted in accurate screening for resistance, and failure to recover the virus from resistant plants inoculated by either grafting method suggests that immunity is the type of resistance involved. Expand