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Five ways to stay green.
The relationship between carbon income and expenditure over the life of a leaf is described and related to the productivity benefits of altering the timing of senescence initiation, and the question of the limits on stay-green as a productivity-enhancing character is addressed. Expand
Senescence, ageing and death of the whole plant.
  • H. Thomas
  • Biology, Medicine
  • The New phytologist
  • 1 February 2013
UNLABELLED 696 I. 697 II. 697 III. 699 IV. 700 V. 703 VI. 704 VII. 707 708 References 708 SUMMARY This review considers the relationship between the lifespan of an individual plant and theExpand
The stay-green trait.
The onset and progress of senescence are phenological metrics that show climate change sensitivity, indicating that understanding stay-green can contribute to the design of appropriate crop types for future environments. Expand
Defining senescence and death.
It is concluded that, in terms of physiological components and their controls, senescence and PCD are at best only distantly related. Expand
Markers and mapping: we are all geneticists now
summary This is a review of genetic mapping with molecular markers aimed at the non-specialist who wishes to use, or at least grasp the concepts behind, this powerful analytical tool. RestrictionExpand
Structures of end- and intermediary products of degradation as well as the biochemistry of the porphyrin-cleaving reaction have been elucidated, and the intracellular localization of the catabolic pathway is particularly important in the regulation of chlorophyll breakdown. Expand
Bringing medicinal plants into cultivation: opportunities and challenges for biotechnology.
Consumption of herbal medicines is widespread and increasing. Harvesting from the wild, the main source of raw material, is causing loss of genetic diversity and habitat destruction. DomesticExpand
Unravelling the evolution of autumn colours: an interdisciplinary approach.
An interdisciplinary summary of the current body of knowledge on autumn colours is provided, and unresolved issues and future avenues of research are discussed that might help reveal the evolutionary meaning of this spectacle of nature. Expand
Crops that stay green
Genetic variation exists for foliar senescence and has, usually incidentally or empirically, been exploited for crop improvement and the practical implications of improved understanding of the stay-green phenomenon are discussed. Expand
Markers and mapping revisited: finding your gene.
This paper is an update of an earlier review of the genetics of mapping, in terms of recombination as the basis of the procedure, and covered some of the first generation of markers, including restriction fragment length polymorphisms (RFLPs), random amplified polymorphic DNA (RAPDs) and quantitative trait loci (QTLs). Expand