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The Nature Criminal Act of Money Laundering in The Criminal Justice System in Indonesia
The objectives of this research are: To analyze and discover the essence of criminal punishment of laundering in the criminal justice system, and to analyze and discover the criminalizing practicesExpand
The purpose of this research is to study the role of justice collaborator in uncovering who is the mastermind behind a major crime in the act of criminal law, and also not only end on a minorExpand
The Corruption Investigation In The Regional Police of Riau Islands, Indonesia
This research aim to analyzes the authority of the Regional Police of Riau Islands in a criminal act of corruption investigation. The method used is normative-empirical research. The results foundExpand
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The Effectiveness of Law Enforcement on Child Protection for Cybercrime Victims in Indonesia
This study aims to examine the effectiveness of law enforcement on the protection of children victims of cybercrime in Indonesia. The method used is empirical legal research, which examines the lawExpand
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Justice Value of Judicial Decisions on Corruption Measures of Corruption in Indonesian Legal System
: This research was conducted with the aim of:  To analyze, explain and discover the nature of the value of justice in the verdict on corruption cases;  To analyze, explain and find criteria verdictExpand