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Using Ant Colony System to Consolidate VMs for Green Cloud Computing
The proposed ACS-based VM Consolidation (ACS-VMC) approach finds a near-optimal solution based on a specified objective function and outperforms existing VM consolidation approaches in terms of energy consumption, number of VM migrations, and QoS requirements concerning performance. Expand
Networks on chip
We are witnessing a growing interest in Networks on Chips (NoC) that is related to the evolution of integrated circuit technology and to the growing requirements in performance and portability ofExpand
Fog Computing in Healthcare Internet of Things: A Case Study on ECG Feature Extraction
Electrocardiogram feature extraction is chosen as the case study as it plays an important role in diagnosis of many cardiac diseases and fog computing helps achieving more than 90% bandwidth efficiency and offering low-latency real time response at the edge of the network. Expand
Smart e-Health Gateway: Bringing intelligence to Internet-of-Things based ubiquitous healthcare systems
This paper exploits the strategic position of such gateways to offer several higher-level services such as local storage, real-time local data processing, embedded data mining, etc., proposing thus a Smart e-Health Gateway. Expand
SEA: A Secure and Efficient Authentication and Authorization Architecture for IoT-Based Healthcare Using Smart Gateways
A secure and efficient authentication and authorization architecture for IoT-based healthcare is developed and will help improve the security and privacy of patients’ medical data. Expand
Maximizing throughput over parallel wire structures in the deep submicrometer regime
A method of analysis is devised for optimizing throughput over a given metal area using closed-form equations that map the geometry to the wire parasitics and empirical switch factor based delay models that show how repeaters can be optimized to compensate for dynamic effects. Expand
Utilization Prediction Aware VM Consolidation Approach for Green Cloud Computing
This paper investigates the effectiveness of VM and host resource utilization predictions in the VM consolidation task using real workload traces and shows that the approach provides substantial improvement over other heuristic algorithms in reducing energy consumption, number of VM migrations and number of SLA violations. Expand
Path-Based Partitioning Methods for 3D Networks-on-Chip with Minimal Adaptive Routing
The analytical and experimental results show that an advantageous method named Recursive Partitioning (RP) outperforms the other approaches and can achieve performance improvement across all workloads while performance can be further improved by utilizing the Minimal and Adaptive Routing algorithm. Expand
Energy-Aware VM Consolidation in Cloud Data Centers Using Utilization Prediction Model
The experimental results show, the proposed VM consolidation approach uses a regression-based model to approximate the future CPU and memory utilization of VMs and PMs provides substantial improvement over other heuristic and meta-heuristic algorithms in reducing the energy consumption, the number of VM migrations and thenumber of SLA violations. Expand
A remote-powered RFID tag with 10Mb/s UWB uplink and −18.5dBm sensitivity UHF downlink in 0.18µm CMOS
Active tags with a narrowband radio link overcome weaknesses of existing passive RFID tags, but, they are battery powered and more expensive. Expand