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Vitamin K concentrations in the plasma and liver of surgical patients.
Vitamin K deficiency has been reported in patients who were treated with antibiotics and placed on poor diets after surgery. High-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) was used to study theExpand
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Gallstones in Western Japan. Factors affecting the prevalence of intrahepatic gallstones.
In a study from 40 hospitals in Western Japan between 1975 and 1978, intrahepatic gallstones were identified at the first biliary tract operation in 106 patients (a 3.03% prevalence). These wereExpand
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Gram-positive cocci are associated with the formation of completely pure cholesterol stones
OBJECTIVE:Recently it has been reported that bacterial DNA has been detected in mixed cholesterol stones (cholesterol content < 95%), which were not previously believed to be related to bacteria,Expand
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Hepatic actinomycosis infiltrating the diaphragm and right lung.
Hepatic actinomycosis is a rare infectious disease caused by an anaerobic gram-positive bacterium of the genus Actinomyces. Herein, we describe an unusual case of hepatic actinomycosis involving theExpand
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Hepatolithiasis in Japan.
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Hyperglycemia after gastrectomy as a prediabetic state. Clinical study of 100 postgastrectomy patients.
OXYHYPERGLYCEMIA, which was first reported by Lawrence1(1936) as a symptomless glycosuria, has recently been implicated as a prediabetic state.2 As already pointed out by Lawrence, oxyhyperglycemiaExpand
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Normotensive primary aldosteronism: report of a case.
A 23-yr-old male patient with normotensive primary aldosteronism is reported. He complained of muscle weakness, polydipsia, and polyuria. His blood pressure was generally 118/60 to 124/70 mm Hg.Expand
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Cooperative clinical trial of photodynamic therapy with photofrin II and excimer dye laser for early gastric cancer
Photodynamic therapy (PDT) is a recently developed endoscopic method for treating malignant tumors. For obtaining more photodynamic action with less thermal effect, we employed as the excitationExpand
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Clinical features and imaging diagnosis of biliary cystadenocarcinoma of the liver.
Biliary cystadenocarcinoma of the liver is a relatively rare disease. Herein, we reported a case of biliary cystadenocarcinoma with a review of the literature. A 71-year-old female was admitted withExpand
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Treatment of intrahepatic gallstones.
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