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Application of polymer gels containing side-chain phosphate groups to drug-delivery contact lenses
Hydrogels that contain phosphate groups in side chains were studied for their usefulness in drug-delivery soft contact lenses and suggested that amide groups and phosphate groups must be introduced into the polymer in equimolar amounts to give the necessary polymer–drug interaction.
The effect of the poly(ethylene glycol) chain on surface exchange of rigid gas-permeable contact lenses.
The use of the polymerized graft material poly(ethylene glycol) (PEG) used as a biomaterial is described, and the surface of the RGPCL is characterized, suggesting that novel R GPCL surfaces can be designed by graft polymerization, using such ethylene glycol groups.
An Application of Polymer Gel, which Contains Phosphate Groups in Side Chain, to Drug Delivery Contact Lens
側鎖にリン酸基を有する高分子ゲルが, 良好な薬物徐放性を有し, ソフトコンタクトレンズ (SCL) としての応用が可能であることを見いだした. SCL形状の高分子ゲルにおいて, そのリン酸基をリガンドとして作用させることでカチオン性薬物であるNaphazolineを効率よく包括し, 生理環境下において約14時間にわたって徐放し, 形状変化も小さいことが明らかとなった.
Adsorption of Lysozyme on a Novel Cross-linked Poly(vinyl alcohol) Hydrogel.
The results suggest that the c-PVA hydrogel may be promising as a biomaterial like soft contactlens as well as the other types of HEMA hydrogels used.
Antifouling technology of metamaterial structure using biomimetic technology
In the attention focused biomimetic technologies, the snail shell, whose surface is antifouling, is a mimic subject. In this paper, a metamaterial technology to obtain oil repellence and antifouling,
Properties for Variations of Temperature and Salt-Density of Cross-Linked Poly(vinyl alcohol) Hyrogel.
酢酸ビニル (VAc) モノマーとトリアリルイソシアヌレート (TAIC) との架橋共重合体をアルカリけん化した, 新規な化学架橋法で作製した共重合法ポリビニルアルコール (PVA) ヒドロゲルの生体類似条件下での環境特性を調べた. このPVAヒドロゲルは, 非イオン性のヒドロゲル材料に一般的に認められている性状, すなわち塩濃度変化に対し形状の変動量が少なく安定で,