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Multiobjective programming in optimization of the interval objective function
Abstract In this paper, the mathematical programming problem whose objective function has interval coefficients is investigated. To maximize the interval objective function, the order relations whichExpand
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Association between body-mass index and risk of death in more than 1 million Asians.
BACKGROUND Most studies that have evaluated the association between the body-mass index (BMI) and the risks of death from any cause and from specific causes have been conducted in populations ofExpand
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Hepatitis B and C Virus Infection and Hepatocellular Carcinoma in China: A Review of Epidemiology and Control Measures
China has one of the highest carrier prevalences of hepatitis B virus (HBV) in the world: nearly 10% of the general population. The disease burden of HBV infection and hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC)Expand
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Possibilistic linear regression analysis for fuzzy data
Abstract Fuzzy data given by expert knowledge can be regarded as a possibility distribution by which possibilistic linear systems are defined. Recently, it has become important to deal with fuzzyExpand
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Multi-objective genetic algorithm and its applications to flowshop scheduling
Abstract In this paper, we propose a multi-objective genetic algorithm and apply it to flowshop scheduling. The characteristic features of our algorithm are its selection procedure and elite preserveExpand
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Genetic algorithms for flowshop scheduling problems
Abstract In this paper, we apply a genetic algorithm to flowshop scheduling problems and examine two hybridizations of the genetic algorithm with other search algorithms. First we examine variousExpand
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Distributed representation of fuzzy rules and its application to pattern classification
Abstract This paper introduces the concept of distributed representation of fuzzy rules and applies it to classification problems. Distributed representation is implemented by superimposing manyExpand
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Autocrine generation and requirement of BSF-2/IL-6 for human multiple myelomas
Human B cell stimulatory factor 2 (BSF-2) was originally charac-terized and isolated as a T cell-derived factor that caused the terminal maturation of activated B cells to immunoglobulin-producingExpand
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Fault-Tree Analysis by Fuzzy Probability
In conventional fault-tree analysis, the failure probabilities of components of a system are treated as exact values in estimating the failure probability of the top event. For many systems, it isExpand
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