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Al wire-grid polarizer using the s-polarization resonance effect at the 0.8-microm-wavelength band.
An aluminum wire-grid polarizer whose period is 0.39 microm has been fabricated on a quartz substrate by electron-beam direct-writing lithography and the lift-off method and theoretical analysis is performed and found to be consistent with the experimental results. Expand
High-performance blazed GxLTM device for large-area laser projector
A blazed GxL device is described that has high optical efficiency (>70% for RGB lasers), and high contrast ratio (> 10,000:1), and that is highly reliable when used in a large-area laser projectionExpand
Liquid phase epitaxial growth of LiNbO3 thin film using Li2O-B2O3 flux system
Abstract LiNbO 3 thin film optical waveguides were fabricated by liquid phase epitaxy. In order to improve the crystallinity and optical transparency of the film, a 5 mol% MgO-doped LiNbO 3 substrateExpand
Optical operation of a magnetic bubble
A magnetic bubble domain is generated on liquid-phase epitaxial (LPE) garnet film by focusing laser light. It is possible to write with only a few milliwatts light power on a thin film with a lowExpand
Ultra High Contrast GxLTM Device for Laser Projector
This paper presents a GxL device that exhibits an extremely high contrast ratio. We achieved a very high device contrast ratio of 34700 by optimizing the design of the posts that support the ribbonsExpand
An aluminum-wire grid polarizer fabricated on a gallium–arsenide photodiode
An aluminum-wire grid polarizer fabricated directly on a gallium–arsenide photodiode is used to realize a polarization-selective photodetector. Since all of the light transmitted through the wireExpand
TM‐TE optical‐mode conversion induced by a transversely propagating magnetostatic wave in a (BiLu)3Fe5O12 film
Highly Bi‐substituted garnet films (BiLu)3Fe5O12 (Bi=0.89/f.u.) have been grown on (111)‐oriented Gd3Ga5O12 substrates by liquid‐phase epitaxy with only Bi2O3 as a flux. The specific Faraday rotationExpand
Highly efficient Cherenkov‐type second harmonic generation in a Ta2O5/KTiOPO4 waveguide
Highly efficient Cherenkov‐type second harmonic generation is investigated. The waveguide is composed of a KTiOPO4 substrate, a Ta2O5 thin‐film core and a SiO2 clad in the strip‐loaded configuration.Expand
High contrast and efficient blazed grating light valve for full-HD 5,000 lumen laser projectors
A blazed grating light valve with 10,000:1 contrast ratio, >65% efficiency and high reliability for full-HD 5,000 lumen laser projectors is presented. Expand
LiNbO3 thin‐film optical waveguide grown by liquid phase epitaxy and its application to second‐harmonic generation
LiNbO3 thin‐film optical waveguides with high crystallinity and good surface morphology have been grown on 5 mol % MgO‐doped Z‐plate LiNbO3 substrates by liquid‐phase epitaxy using Li2O‐V2O5 flux. AExpand