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Antiferroelectric chiral smectic liquid crystals
In a brief history of the discovery of antiferroelectricity in liquid crystals, the important role played by tristable switching, i.e. an electric field induced phase transition from
Distinct ferroelectric smectic liquid crystals consisting of banana shaped achiral molecules
The synthesis of a banana-shaped molecule is reported and it is found that the smectic phase which it forms is biaxial with the molecules packed in the best direction into a layer. Because of this
Bent-Core Liquid Crystals: Their Mysterious and Attractive World
Structures and properties of liquid crystalline phases formed by bent-core molecules are reviewed. At least eight phases designated as B1–B8 have been found, being unambiguously distinguished from
Stable Amorphous Blue Phase of Bent-Core Nematic Liquid Crystals Doped with a Chiral Material
We report an induction of the blue phase III (BPIII) at a relatively low and wide (over 20 °C) temperature range in nematogenic achiral bent-core liquid crystals doped with a high twisting power
Enhanced out-coupling factor of microcavity organic light-emitting devices with irregular microlens array.
Electroluminescence of the devices showed that color variation under the viewing angle due to the microcavity is suppressed remarkably by microlens arrays, which makes the use of devices acceptable in many applications.
Liquid crystalline amorphous blue phase and its large electrooptical Kerr effect
An amorphous blue phase III with low and wide thermal range (∼20 °C) including room temperature is induced by doping a bent-core nematic with a strong chiral material. We confirm that the
Enhancement of Light Extraction from Organic Light-Emitting Diodes with Two-Dimensional Hexagonally Nanoimprinted Periodic Structures Using Sequential Surface Relief Grating
Electric characteristics of organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs) with two-dimensional hexagonally nanoimprinted periodic structures were investigated, and enhanced light extraction from this device
Experimental Studies on Reflection Spectra in Monodomain Cholesteric Liquid Crystal Cells: Total Reflection, Subsidiary Oscillation and Its Beat or Swell Structure
Many optical properties are presented here in the reflection spectra for monodomain cholesterics of various cell thicknesses at various angles of incidence. It is reported for the first time that
Light extraction from organic light-emitting diodes enhanced by spontaneously formed buckles
Organic light-emitting diodes featuring layers with a spontaneously formed buckled geometry are demonstrated to offer at least a twofold improvement in light extraction efficiency across the entire
Chiral Superstructure Mesophases of Achiral Bent‐Shaped Molecules – Hierarchical Chirality Amplification and Physical Properties
The most intriguing results in the studies of such symmetry-broken states, mainly helical-nanofilament (HNF) and dark-conglomerate (DC) phases, are reviewed and recent attempts to control such mesoscopic chiral structure and the alignment/confinement of HNFs are discussed.