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GMPLS-enabled, energy-efficient, self-organized network: MiDORi
A network using minimum set of nodes and links that all communication data traffics among nodes can be carried while meeting the QoS requirements named MiDORi (Multi- (layer, path, and resources)
Energy efficient network design tool for green IP/Ethernet networks
Demonstration of the self organized dynamic link power management by “MiDORi” energy optimal network topology design engine
This paper reports the demonstration results of the dynamic link power management by energy optimal network topology design with prototype Gigabit layer-2 switches. The result shows dynamic link
A study on network control method in Elastic Lambda Aggregation Network (EλAN)
A network control method that realizes on-demand service providing in Elastic Lambda Aggregation Network (EλAN) using fixed optical trees to exchange control messages in the same manner as today's FTTH systems is proposed.
Experimental report of Elastic Lambda Aggregation Network (EλAN) control method for SDN-based Carrier Class Network
Experimental results of the unified control by hierarchized Controller utilizing OpenFlow protocol and abstracted network are presented.
Energy efficiency of future central and/or linked distributed function network using optical technologies
Two different optical network architectures are proposed for creating future energy efficient network services that uses a data center-centric optical aggregation network based on wavelength / time-slot multiplexing and service mash-up by linked data through a network that uses broadband optical wire for the IoT era.
Distributed demand scheduling method to reduce energy cost in smart grid
A method to smooth the demand situation of each house to reduce electricity prices by a Genetic Algorithm, in consideration of the amount of the whole demand and coordination between each group, to achieve the reduction of the peak load and the utility bill in smart grid.
Future Service Adaptive Access/Aggregation Network Architecture
This work analyzes the requirements of a future access network in terms of service, network, and node, and presents a future service adaptive access/aggregation network and its architecture along with a programmable optical line terminal and optical network unit.
Distributed Real-Time Power Cooperation Algorithm for Residences Based on Local Information in Smart Grid
A novel distributed power cooperation algorithm is proposed that maximizes each home’s welfare based on local information and enables each home to calculate the same electricity market price from only local household information, to trade, and to maximize all members’ satisfaction in smart grid by balancing consumption against supply.
Highly Energy Efficient Layer-3 Network Architecture Based on Service Cloud and Optical Aggregation Network
This paper proposes an extremely energy efficient layer-3 network architecture for the future Internet that combines the Service Cloud with the Cloud Router and application servers, with the Optical Aggregation Network realized by optical circuit switches, wavelength-converters, and wavelength-multiplexers/demultiplexers.