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A diagnostic support tool for lumbar spinal stenosis: a self-administered, self-reported history questionnaire
BackgroundThere is no validated gold-standard diagnostic support tool for LSS, and therefore an accurate diagnosis depends on clinical assessment. Assessment of the diagnostic value of the history ofExpand
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[Clinical analysis of embolism with left atrial myxomas].
We conducted a retrospective analysis examining the relationship between the tumor quality and the occurrence of systemic embolization in 16 patients who underwent surgical excision of the leftExpand
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Accelerated transmural gradients of energy compound metabolism resulting from left ventricular hypertrophy.
Eighteen dogs underwent transmural left ventricular biopsies for adenosine triphosphate and suturing of the noncoronary cusp, creating valvular aortic stenosis. Three months after aortic stenosis andExpand
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A nationwide survey on the incidence and characteristics of traumatic spinal cord injury in Japan in 2018
Retrospective epidemiological study. Since the causes and incidences of traumatic spinal cord injury (TSCI) in each country change over time, up-to-date epidemiological studies are required forExpand
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The Long-term Follow-up of Surgical Treatment for Cervical Myelopathy With Severe Nape and Upper Arm Pain Caused by the Anomalous Vertebral Artery: Case Report
Study Design. A case of cervical myelopathy with a severe nape and upper arm pain caused by anomalous bilateral vertebral arteries is reported. Objective. To report over six and a half years resultsExpand
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Changing predictors of postoperative mortality in acute type A aortic dissection. Is only coronary artery compromise significant?
OBJECTIVES Rapid emergency transport and early diagnosis and surgical treatment for acute type A aortic dissection have improved postoperative survival, which has, however, plateaued at about 80%.Expand
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[Surgical correction for partial anomalous pulmonary venous connection with intact atrial septum without using extracorporeal circulation].
A 13-year-old boy with partial anomalous pulmonary venous connection (PAPVC) having an intact atrial septum (IAS) is reported. He had open heart surgery 3 years ago at another hospital, but theExpand
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New diagnostic support tool for patients with leg symptoms caused by lumbar spinal stenosis and lumbar intervertebral disc herniation: A self-administered, self-reported history questionnaire.
BACKGROUND There are no diagnostic support tools composed of a simple, single-sheet, self-administered, self-reported history questionnaire (SSHQ) for patients with leg symptoms caused by eitherExpand
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Cardiac Rupture Caused by Blunt Trauma: Pitfalls in Diagnosis and Treatment.
鈍的外傷による心臓損傷は, 体表外傷が著明でない場合や, 他臓器損傷があってそちらに注意がそらされる場合, 診断は困難である. 即座の治療を必要とするため救命率は低いが, 迅速な対応により救命できる症例もある. 当院では過去10年間に16例の心臓損傷を経験し, うち4例を救命し得た. しかし来院時心肺停止例は蘇生できなかった. また来院時, 心拍のある例でも,Expand
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