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Hancokinol, a novel triterpene, from Cynanchum hancokianum
Abstract Absolute stereochemistry of hancokinol, a novel triterpene, isolated from Cynanchum hancokianum , has been elucidated by means of spectroscopic and X-ray analyses.
Terpendoles, novel ACAT inhibitors produced by Albophoma yamanashiensis. III. Production, isolation and structure elucidation of new components.
Eight new components of terpendoles E to L were isolated and characterized from the culture broth of Albophoma yamanashiensis using a different production medium. All the structures were elucidatedExpand
Terpendoles, novel ACAT inhibitors produced by Albophoma yamanashiensis. II. Structure elucidation of terpendoles A, B, C and D.
Structures of terpendoles A, B, C and D, novel acyl-CoA: cholesterol acyltransferase (ACAT) inhibitors, were determined by spectroscopic studies. All terpendoles consist of diterpene and indoleExpand
The Crystal Structure of Phenanthrene: Picric Acid Molecular Complex
The crystal structure of phenanthrene:picric acid molecular complex was determined by X-ray crystal analysis. Phenanthrene and picric acid molecules are stacked alternately along the c-axis, makingExpand
Convenient synthesis of 7′ and 6′-bromo-d-tryptophan and their derivatives by enzymatic optical resolution using d-aminoacylase
Abstract Compounds 7′ and 6′-bromo- d -tryptophan ( 1 and 2 ) which are important derivatives for the synthesis of the chloropeptin and kistamycin A, respectively, were conveniently synthesized byExpand
Two novel hexacyclic triterpenoids from Prunella vulgaris
Abstract Two new hexacyclic triterpenoids, isolated as their methyl esters from the roots of Prunella vulgaris , were established by spectroscopic evidence and chemical correlation to be (12 R ,13 SExpand
Polymorphism of artemisinin from Artemisia annua
Abstract X-ray crystallography studies have confirmed the discovery of a new polymorphic artemisinin crystal belonging to the triclinic space group, P1. The physicochemical properties of the newExpand
Studies on Picrate. VIII. Crystal and Molecular Structures of Aromatic Amine Picrates : Aniline, N-Methylaniline, N, N-Dimethylaniline and o-, m- and p-Phenylenediamine Picrates
The crystal and molecular structures of the title compounds have been elucidated by X-ray structure analysis.All compounds are formed through ionic and hydrogen bondings in the crystal state. TheExpand