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Interactive evolutionary computation: fusion of the capabilities of EC optimization and human evaluation
We survey the research on interactive evolutionary computation (IEC), an EC that optimizes systems based on subjective human evaluation. Expand
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NN-driven fuzzy reasoning
A new fuzzy reasoning that can solve two problems of conventional fuzzy reasoning by combining an artificial neural network (NN) and fuzzy reasoning is proposed. Expand
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Integrating design stage of fuzzy systems using genetic algorithms
  • M. Lee, H. Takagi
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • [Proceedings ] Second IEEE International…
  • 28 March 1993
We propose an automatic fuzzy system design method that uses a genetic algorithm and integrates three design stages. Expand
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Integrating Design Stages of Fuzzy Systems using Genetic Algorithms 1
This paper proposes an automatic fuzzy system design method that uses a Genetic Algorithm and integrates three design stages; our method determines membership functions, the number of fuzzy rules,Expand
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Dynamic Control of Genetic Algorithms Using Fuzzy Logic Techniques
This paper proposes using fuzzy logic techniques to dynamically control parameter settings of genetic algorithms using a fuzzy knowledge-based system to control GA parameters. Expand
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Paired comparison-based Interactive Differential Evolution
  • H. Takagi, Denis Pallez
  • Computer Science
  • World Congress on Nature & Biologically Inspired…
  • 10 September 2009
We propose a system of Interactive Differential Evolution (IDE) based on paired comparisons for reducing user fatigue and evaluate its convergence speed in comparison with Interactive Genetic Algorithms (IGA) and tournament IGA. Expand
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Neural networks designed on approximate reasoning architecture and their applications
The NARA (neural networks based on approximate reasoning architecture) model is proposed and its composition procedure and evaluation are described. Expand
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Optimized Design of MEMS by Evolutionary Multi-objective Optimization with Interactive Evolutionary Computation
We combine interactive evolutionary computation (IEC) with existing evolutionary synthesis software for the design of micromachined resonators and evaluate its effectiveness using human evaluation of the final designs and a test for statistical significance. Expand
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Accelerating a GA convergence by fitting a single-peak function
This paper proposes an acceleration method of GA search that finds a new elite by fitting a single-peak function on GA search surface. The roughest approximation of a finite searching surface thatExpand
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Improvement of presenting interface by predicting the evaluation order to reduce the burden of human interactive EC operators
This paper proposes to display individuals of interactive evolutionary computations in an evaluation order to reduce the burden on human operators. Expand
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