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FDI in Space: Spatial Autoregressive Relationships in Foreign Direct Investment
Theoretical models of foreign direct investment (FDI) have only recently begun to model the role of third countries, and the empirical FDI literature has almost exclusively examined bilateral FDIExpand
FDI in space: Spatial autoregressive relationships in foreign direct investment
Abstract There are a number of theoretical reasons why foreign direct investment (FDI) into a host country may depend on the FDI in proximate countries. Such spatial interdependence has been largelyExpand
Spacey Parents: Spatial Autoregressive Patterns in Inbound FDI
Increasing attention has been given to the impact of third countries on outbound FDI to a given host country. Here, we consider potential third-country effects on inbound FDI. A simple model suggestsExpand
Financial viability of biofuel and biochar production from forest biomass in the face of market price volatility and uncertainty
Abstract A comparative techno-economic analysis of two different thermochemical biomass conversion pathways was conducted to examine the effects of fuel price and other variables on project financialExpand
The effects of a spruce bark beetle outbreak and wildfires on property values in the wildland–urban interface of south-central Alaska, USA
Climate warming is causing the frequency, extent, and severity of natural disturbances to increase. To develop innovative approaches for mitigating the potential negative social consequences of suchExpand
The purpose of the Navigation Economic Technologies (NETS) research program is to develop a standardized and defensible suite of economic tools for navigation improvement evaluation. NETS addressesExpand
Cooperation in environmental policy: a spatial approach
Inefficient competition in emissions taxes for foreign direct investment creates benefits from international cooperation. In the presence of cross-border pollution, proximate (neighboring) countriesExpand
Beyond Fuel Treatment Effectiveness: Characterizing Interactions between Fire and Treatments in the US
The results highlight the need to identify and prioritize additional opportunities to reduce fuel loading and fire risk on the millions of hectares of federal lands in the CONUS that are in need of restoration. Expand
To shut down or to shift: : Multinationals and environmental regulation
According to the pollution haven effect mobile capital responds to environmental regulation by moving from countries with high regulation to countries with low regulation. Previous tests of theExpand
Trade and sustainability: the impact of the International Tropical Timber Agreements on exports
AbstractEnvironmental sustainability standards are often portrayed as a hindrance to trade and growth. A set of novel international environmental agreements (IEAs), the International Tropical TimberExpand