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Six cases of gamma-D myelomatosis.
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Prognosis in Hodgkin's Disease Related to the Lymphocyte Count
Summary. Case notes of 328 histologically‐diagnosed patients with Hodgkin's disease have been studied in respect to sex, age of presentation, lymphocyte count in the peripheral blood and survival.Expand
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Dangerous Bleeding Associated with Carcinoma of Prostate
greatly extended. The principles are essentially so simple that there is no reason why other physicians should not achieve the same results even if they have not previously had the advantage ofExpand
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Pernicious anemia without gastric atrophy and in the presence of free hydrochloric acid; report of a case.
A case is described of Addisonian pernicious anemia in a girl aged 16 years, associated with a normal gastric mucosa and free hydrochloric acid in the stomach. Partial, but significant deficiency ofExpand
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Effect of A.C.T.H. and Cortisone Therapy in Blood Disorders
Recently a panel appointed by the Medical Research Council (1952) has given a summary of the responses to A.C.T.H. and cortisone in 88 patients suffering from various blood disorders. The presentExpand
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Treatment of Iron Deficiency with Ferrous Fumarate
Anand, B. K., and Brobeck, J. R. (195Ia). Proc. Soc. exp. Biol. (N.Y.), 77, 323. -~ ~(1951b). Yale J. Biol. Med., 24, 123. Andrews, H. L. (1941). Psychosonm. Med., 3, 399. Arduini, A., and Arduini,Expand
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Patient Variation in Pernicious Anaemia, as Shown in a Clinical Trial of Cyanocobalamin, Hydroxocobalamin and Cyanocobalamin–Zinc Tannate
Cyanocobalamin, hydroxocobalamin and cyanocobalamin‐zinc tannate were given in turn, as a single dose equivalent to 500 μg. of vitamin B12, to twelve patients who had untreated Addisonian pemiciousExpand
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The erythrocytes of the camel are normally oval, whereas in man such cells are exceptional and comprise only 1 to 15% of the red cells of most normal people. A pathological increase in oval cells isExpand
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Lymphopenia: a bad prognostic factor in Hodgkin's disease.
Pretreatment peripheral blood lymphocyte counts have been recorded in 181 consecutive untreated patients with histologically proven Hodgkin's disease and the patients followed prospectively toExpand
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