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Dimerelloid rhynchonellide brachiopods in the Lower Jurassic of the Engadine (Canton Graubünden, National Park, Switzerland)
New brachiopods (Dimerelloidea, Rhynchonellida) from Lower Jurassic (?lower Hettangian) hemipelagic sediments of the Swiss National Park in south-eastern Engadine are described: SulcirostraExpand
Taxonomy and palaeoecology of brachiopods from the South-Helvetic zone of the Fäneren region (Lutetian, Eocene, NE Switzerland)
Terebratuloid and cancellothyridoid brachiopods from the South-Helvetic Lutetian (Eocene) of the Fäneren region (NE Switzerland) are described: Carneithyris subregularis (Quenstedt) and two forms ofExpand
Little-known brachiopods from the Cretaceous of the Helvetic realm of NE Switzerland (Alpstein) and W Austria (Vorarlberg)
Three species from different stratigraphical levels of the Cretaceous of the Helvetic Alps are described. (1) Rhynchonellid specimens from the upper Öhrli-Kalk (Öhrli Formation, Late Berriasian) ofExpand
Arzonella exotica n. g. n. sp., a new brachiopod of indeterminate systematic position from the Lower Liassic (Broccatello) of Arzo (Southern Alps of Switzerland): A short note
Summary.A new brachiopod, Arzonella exotica n. g. n. sp., from the Liassic (Broccatello) of Arzo in the Southern Alps of Switzerland was described. By the associated rhynchonellid brachiopodExpand
The genus Fortunella (Brachiopoda, Rhynchonellida) and its related species in the Upper Jurassic and lower Cretaceous
The following brachiopod species were assigned to the rhynchonellid genus Fortunella Calzada 1985 (type species Fortunella fortunae from the Hauterivian of South-East-Spain) : F. monsalvensisExpand