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Human-caused impact on preserved vegetation
Abstract Climate, soil, air, and water in cities respond sensitively to human impacts that are usually much stronger than in rural areas. In spite of the multitude of impacts cities are quite rich inExpand
Biodiversity in Berlin and its potential for nature conservation
Selected habitats in Berlin (Germany) were investigated with a focus on the diversity of flora and land use patterns. On the one hand, the correlation between the number of plant species and theExpand
Urban Ecology — Scientific and Practical Aspects
We are living in a century of rapid urbanisation. The United Nations forecasts that by the year 2025, 60% of the world’s population will be living in urban areas, compared to 29% in 1950. The 50%Expand
On the Early History of Urban Ecology in Europe
Early investigations on the ecology of cities were in the tradition of natural history and focused on single biotopes. Of special interest were the plants and animals introduced into new areasExpand
Biotope mapping and nature conservation strategies in urban areas of the Federal Republic of Germany
Two methods of biotope mapping and species recording in urban areas are presented. 1. (1) Selective biotope mapping in which only certain biotopes deemed worthy of protection are mapped. TheExpand
The Effects of Climate Change on the Vegetation of Central European Cities *
Since the 1850s the effects of global warming have been anticipated by the rise of temperature in many big cities. In addition, vegetation changes in central European cities have been wellExpand