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Specific mutation near the primary donor in photosystem I from Chlamydomonas reinhardtii alters the trapping time and spectroscopic properties of P700.
The lifetime of the trapping process measured independently by transient absorption and fluorescence spectroscopy in the mutant PSI core antenna is increased by a factor of approximately 2, implying that the trappingprocess in the PSI antenna is limited by the process where the primary donor molecule directly participates. Expand
Site-directed mutations affecting the spectroscopic characteristics and midpoint potential of the primary donor in photosystem I.
Estimation of site-directed mutants of the photosystem I reaction center protein PsaB and an amino acid, His-656, that interacts closely with one of the P700 chlorophylls is identified that increases the oxidation midpoint potential of P700/P700+. Expand
Excitation energy transfer in thylakoid membranes from Chlamydomonas reinhardtii lacking chlorophyll b and with mutant Photosystem I
Energy trapping in Photosystem I (PS I) was studied by time-resolved fluorescence spectroscopy of PS II-deleted Chl b-minus thylakoid membranes isolated from site-directed mutants of ChlamydomonasExpand
Study on the DME-cytochromeb5 and its mutants at site of F58
Phenylalanine-58 is one of the conservative residues in the hydrophobic pocket of Cytb5, which forms aromatic stacking with the hemeb. Previous study showed that both the stacking and the property ofExpand