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Nestmate recognition and intraspecific chemical and genetic variation in Temnothorax ants
The evolutionary stability of social cooperation requires altruistic acts to be directed mainly towards related individuals. To maintain significant intragroup relatedness, social insects haveExpand
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Learning at workstations in two different environments: A museum and a classroom
Abstract Our study compared the learning and motivational outcome of one educational approach in two different learning environments, a natural science museum and a classroom, drawing on studiesExpand
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Student‐oriented versus Teacher‐centred: The effect of learning at workstations about birds and bird flight on cognitive achievement and motivation
The study investigated cognitive and motivational effects of two educational interventions, a conventional versus a student‐oriented approach. We monitored the impact on the cognitive achievementExpand
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Visualizing the Invisible: The CONNECT Approach for Teaching Science
The CONNECT project proposes a pedagogical and technological approach that crosscuts the boundaries between schools and science museums and involves both students and teachers in extended episodes of playful learning. Expand
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The results of a field study carried out to investigate the performance of pavements incorporating open-graded drainage layers (OGDLs) are presented. OGDLs are used to ensure rapid and effectiveExpand
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Research and development activities in support of Hanford River protection project privatization -- SRTC program
A team led by BNFL, Inc. was awarded the contract to remediate and immobilize the Hanford radioactive tank waste in support of the Hanford River Protection Program (RPP). BNFL, Inc. is teamed withExpand