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On endogenous growth with physical capital, human capital and product variety
We set up an endogenous growth model with physical capital, human capital and blueprints for intermediate goods. The model can generate steady-state growth or stagnation. Along the adjustment pathExpand
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The Role of Human Capital and Population Growth in R&D-Based Models of Economic Growth
Human capital accumulation is introduced into a growth model with R&D-driven expansion in variety and quality and knowledge spillovers from both research activities. Economic growth is not longerExpand
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The long-run determinants of fertility: one century of demographic change 1900–1999
We examine the long-run relationship between fertility, mortality, and income using panel cointegration techniques and the available data for the last century. Our main result is that mortalityExpand
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Population, food, and knowledge: a simple unified growth theory
This paper provides a unified growth theory, i.e. a model that explains the very long-run economic and demographic development path of industrialized economies, stretching from the pre-industrial eraExpand
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Too Much of a Good Thing? The Quantitative Economics of R&D-Driven Growth Revisited
This article augments an R&D-based growth model of the third generation with human capital accumulation and impure altruism, calibrates it with U.S. data, and investigates whether the market providesExpand
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The past and future of knowledge-based growth
This paper consolidates two previously disconnected literatures. It integrates R&D-based innovations into a unified growth framework with micro-founded fertility and schooling behavior. The theoryExpand
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The Past and Future of Knowledge-Based Growth
Conventional R&D-based growth theory argues that productivity growth is driven by population growth but the data suggest that the erstwhile positive correlation between population and productivityExpand
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The Return to Education in Terms of Wealth and Health
This study presents a new view on the association between education and longevity. In contrast to the earlier literature, which focused on inefficient health behavior of the less educated, weExpand
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Optimal Aging and Death: Understanding the Preston Curve
The present study examines whether the Preston curve reflects a causal impact of income on longevity or, for example, factors correlated with both income and life expectancy. In order to understandExpand
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Energy distribution and economic growth
This research examines the physical constraints on the growth process. In order to run, maintain and build capital energy is required to be distributed to geographically dispersed sites whereExpand
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