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Experimental Demonstration that the Couple on a Bar Magnet depends on H, not B
IN the macroscopic theory of electromagnetism there are several systems of equations that are compatible with SI units1,2. Among these are two important ones in current use which differ in theirExpand
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Essential Failure of Giorgi Systems of Electromagnetism, and a Basic Error by Sommerfeld
THE adoption of four base quantities for the representation of electromagnetic quantities does not imply a formulation of electromagnetism which assigns different dimensions to the two magnetic fieldExpand
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Interpretation of Quantum Physics
THERE are undoubted difficulties in the interpretation of quantum physics, and Prof. A. Landé1 has made a determined effort to circumvent them in a straightforward and ‘common-sense’ way. He says:Expand
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Theories of Electromagnetism
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Recipes and Induction; Ryle v Achinstein
We show that there is no inference from instances of a theory to the truth of the theory: rather, the instances show the theory to be true. Expand
The concept of a ‘life stance’ in education
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An economy in the formation rules for quantification theory
  • H. Stopes-Roe
  • Computer Science, Mathematics
  • Notre Dame J. Formal Log.
  • 1 July 1969