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The effect of front ZnO:Al surface texture and optical transparency on efficient light trapping in silicon thin-film solar cells
This study addresses the material properties of magnetron-sputtered aluminum-doped zinc oxide (ZnO:Al) films and their application as front contacts in silicon thin-film solar cells. Optimized filmsExpand
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Photoresponse enhancement in the near infrared wavelength range of ultrathin amorphous silicon photosensitive devices by integration of silver nanoparticles
We have investigated the contribution of localized surface plasmon polaritons (LSPPs) in silver nanoparticles with radii smaller than 20 nm to the photocurrent of ultrathin photosensitive devicesExpand
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Optical properties of thin‐film silicon solar cells with grating couplers
The effect of grating couplers on the optical properties of silicon thin-film solar cells was studied by a comparison of experimental results with numerical simulations. The thin-film solar cellsExpand
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Improvement of open circuit voltage in microcrystalline silicon solar cells using hot wire buffer layers
In a wide range of crystallinity between 60% and 10%, microcrystalline silicon (μc-Si:H) solar cells with i-layers deposited by hot wire chemical vapour deposition (HWCVD) exhibit higher open circuitExpand
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Microcrystalline-Silicon Transistors and CMOS Inverters Fabricated Near the Transition to Amorphous-Growth Regime
Thin-film transistors (TFTs) are core elements of novel display media for large-area electronic applications. Microcrystalline-silicon TFTs prepared at low temperatures (150degC - 200degC) haveExpand
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Thin-film silicon solar cells with efficient periodic light trapping texture
For solar cells based on thin-film microcrystalline (μc-Si:H) or amorphous silicon (a-Si:H) with absorber layers in the micrometer range, highly effective light trapping and an optimal incoupling ofExpand
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Transparent conducting oxide films for thin film silicon photovoltaics
Abstract The requirements for applications of transparent conducting oxide (TCO) films in thin film silicon solar cells are reviewed with a focus on sputtered Al doped zinc oxide and fluorine dopedExpand
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Silicon-based micro-Fourier spectrometer
A novel Fourier spectrometer based on a partly transparent thin-film detector in combination with a tunable silicon micromachined mirror was developed. The operation principle based on the detectionExpand
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ZnO:Al films deposited by in-line reactive AC magnetron sputtering for a-Si:H thin film solar cells
Throughout the last years strong efforts have been made to use aluminium doped zinc oxide (ZnO:Al) films on glass as substrates for amorphous or amorphous/microcrystalline silicon solar cells. TheExpand
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High speed laser processing for monolithical series connection of silicon thin-film modules
A detailed analysis of the monolithical series connection of silicon thin-film modules with metal back contact fabricated by high-speed laser ablation will be presented. In this study, opticallyExpand
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