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Manufacturing Plant Closure Selections within Firms
Abstract This research focuses on the influence of location on the decision to close a manufacturing facility. Case studies of closures in the Cincinnati region, 1980–88, reveal that most closuresExpand
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Corporate Geography: Business Location Principles and Cases
Preface. 1. Introduction. 2. Location Factors. 3. Location Decisions. 4. Territorial Strategies. 5. Production Systems. 6. Restructuring. 7. Administration. 8. Competitive Strategies. 9. Epilogue.Expand
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Environmental Protection and Industrial Location
Abstract The National Environmental Policy Act and the pollution control powers of environmental protection agencies present a potentially significant new influence on the location of economicExpand
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Employment Trends in Geography, Part 1: Enrollment and Degree Patterns*
This paper is the first in a series of three papers dealing with the current and future labor market for geographers. It is based on a report prepared by the Association of American Geographers'Expand
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Employment Trends in Geography, Part 2: Current Demand Conditions
The third and final article in this series about employment conditions in geography addresses the issue of future demand in both academic and nonacademic settings. To gain an understanding of futureExpand
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Principles of Industrial Facility Location
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Local Environments and Plant Closures by Multi-locational Firms: A Cross–cultural Analysis
STAFFORD H. A. and WATTS H. D. (1991) Local environments and plant closures by multi-locational firms: a cross-cultural analysis, Reg. Studies 25, 427–438. This paper provides a comparison ofExpand
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Technology and Regional Development in the American Context
Many large cities in the developed countries have recently experienced a slow-down of growth, and in some cases, absolute contraction of their population size. These trends pertain in particular toExpand
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Economic Geography at the University of Cincinnati, 1920-2006
Economic Geography has been an integral component of the University of Cincinnati (UC) Department of Geography for at least 85 of the Department’s first 100 years. This essay lays out a brief generalExpand