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Tables of integrals
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Introduction to High-Energy Heavy-Ion Collisions
The author has succeeded in writing a well-balanced textbook of the new field of ultra-relativistic heavy-ion collisions (RHICs). The book is primarily suited to theoretically oriented graduateExpand
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Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics
Foreword.- Preface.- Thermodynamics: Equilibrium and State Quantities.- The Laws of Thermodynamics.- Phase Transitions and Chemical Reactions.- Thermodynamic Potentials.- Statistical Mechanics:Expand
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Handbook of mathematics and computational science
"The Handbook of Mathematics and Computational Science" puts up-to-date equations, formulas, tables, illustrations, and explanations in one invaluable reference volume. Expand
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Damping scales of neutralino cold dark matter
The lightest supersymmetric particle, most likely the neutralino, might account for a large fraction of dark matter in the Universe. We show that the primordial spectrum of density fluctuations inExpand
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Handbook of physics
I MECHANICS: Kinematics / Dynamics / Rigid Bodies / Micromechanics / Gravitation and the Theory of Relativity / Mechanics of Continuous Media / Nonlinear Dynamics, Chaos, and Fractals / Tables onExpand
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Poincare invariant Hamiltonian dynamics: Modelling multi-hadronic interactions in a phase space approach
Abstract A classical Poincare invariant particle dynamics is formulated in the framework of constraint Hamiltonian systems. This canonical formalism is compatible with physical requirements likeExpand
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Production of light nuclei, hypernuclei and their antiparticles in relativistic nuclear collisions
We present, using the statistical model, an analysis of the production of light nuclei, hypernuclei and their antiparticles in central collisions of heavy nuclei. Based on these studies we provideExpand
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