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Promoter Mutation Analysis of Long-Non-coding RNA RMRP Gene in Solid Tumors
RMRP promoter mutations were identified in 3 different cancer types, indicating the mutations might be present widely in solid cancers, and the low prevalence suggests that the promoter mutation is not a generalized driver for cancer pathogenesis. Expand
Promoter Mutation Analysis of ALDOA Gene in Solid Tumors and Acute Leukemias
The results suggest that ALDOA promote mutation may not be clinically available for cancer patients due to the low incidence and the mutation sites were different from that in breast cancers, indicating that theALDOA mutations might be specific to breast cancer or might be very rare in other tumors, if any. Expand
Somatic frameshift mutations of cancer-related genes KIF3C and BARD1 in colorectal cancers.
Tight Junction-Related CLDN5 and CLDN6 Genes, and Gap Junction-Related GJB6 and GJB7 Genes Are Somatically Mutated in Gastric and Colorectal Cancers
The results show that CLDN5, CLDN6, GJB6 and GJB7 genes harbor not only frameshift mutations but also mutational ITH, which together may be features of GC and CRC with MSI-H. Expand
Somatic mutations in long-non-coding RNA RMRP in acute leukemias.
Somatic Mutations and Intratumoral Heterogeneity of Cancer-Related Genes NLK, YY1 and PA2G4 in Gastric and Colorectal Cancers.
The results suggest that frameshift mutations of NLK, YY1 and PA2G4 along with the ITH might contribute to MSI-H cancer pathogenesis. Expand
Inactivating mutations of tumor suppressor genes KLOTHO and DTWD1 in colorectal cancers.
DAB2IP with tumor-inhibiting activities exhibits frameshift mutations in gastrointestinal cancers.
This study shows that the TSG DAB2IP harbored frameshift mutations and ITH as well as expression loss Together these tumor alterations might play a role in tumorigenesis of GC and CRC with MSI-H by down-regulating the tumor-inhibiting activities of DAB 2IP. Expand
Mutation and expression alterations of histone methylation-related NSD2, KDM2B and SETMAR genes in colon cancers.
The results suggest that NSD2 might be altered at multiple levels (frameshift mutation, mutational ITH and expression) in MSI-H CCs, and could be related to MSI- H cancer pathogenesis. Expand